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Sunday, April 13, 2008

MS Vista Office Compressed to 4 MB

Seems to b unbelievable but its true. whole MS Office 2007 in a 4 MB file, when u decompress it, it becomes 737 MB

Download LInk:


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Goto Restricted Areas In Forums Without Loggin In

usin this customization u can go into forum sections which need user login..

Note this only works on websitez which allow "searching" bots to looking @ forum.

So sometimes u r to lazy to login or u forget password and u quick need some information.

So good way is faking UA <- User Agent I will show u example of firefox Type in URL bar following: about:config then u should see alot of options which can be changed 1cm down u will see "Filter:" Type in box "useranget" without quotes We need to change just general.useragent.extra.firefox Deafult is Firefox x.x.x or something like that^^ So how to bypass login on that websites(also on h4cky0u)? just double click & type in that field Code: Select all Googlebot/2.X (

So websites will think u r google bot and allow u searching on website without login :)

Thats also good way if u want ur useragent stay hidden :)

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WinXP Installation Made Very Simple

this helps to install XP wit all ur fav prgms in less than 10 mins...

Yeah if u r tired up installin win xp n enterin all those details lyk serial no, location timing etc etc,,,
n after that installation of diff applications,,,this topic z just for ya...

here i'm goin to giv u a idea of makin these things a lot more simple..

Acronis True image n Acronis Disk Director...
n ultra iso
n make it a full version i prefer buyin it coz it worth d cost..

then install it..n make a bk up of the system drive ie the drive on which the winxp is installd using acronis true image home

then mk a bootable cd/dvd image using acronis disk director.
PS:select all the sections when it z askd.
Acronis True image home
Disk director full n safe
Drive cleanser..

PS::create the image only do not write d DVD nw..

nw open the ultra iso
in it open the created boot image file v jst made usin disk director..
there ll b folder with some name. on the right hand side..

nw drag n drop the file v bkd up earlier using true image to this not put it in the folder of the compilation..

nw save the whole image..u should see the image file as bootable at the top left corner of ultra iso..

nw write the image usin any dvd burner not write the dvd as image.
if u r usin nero then th nero express..
n then select image,project,copy in it select the iso file v made usin ultra iso...
burn it..

nw the diff part is over,,,

nw if u need to restore the partition or mk a new installation..jst put this dvd in d drive n reboot the system..

then u'll see options for true image n disk director..
so first take the disk director.
in it format the partition u want to install the win xp..
then commit d changes n then exit
the system ll reboot n then select true image.
in it select restore..
then browse to the bk file which z in the DVD..
its ll tk atmost 9 mins n then it ll be ok..
restart the system..

here the main adv is that..u dont hv to install the applications drivers games etc etc all ll b done in jst abt 10 mins...

* mk sure that the s/m hs all the applications drivers games etc etc u need before bakin up...

*all d programs shld b instlld in the same drive in which d win xp z installd.

*the bk up procedure consists f d followin steps...

slect bk up in acronis true image
then nxt-->my computer-->disk n partitions-->drive c(win xp installd partition)-->nxt-->full bk u-->select d place 4 bk up..
*do not select d partition of which the nkin up z done..

*nw the restore procedure z follows..
select it frm dvd next-->restore disks or part..-->click the drive first-->select the target partions..-->nxt-->Active-->nxt-->nxt-->

yes i wnt to restor another part-->select MBR-->select the hd on which the os is to be installd.

n the restore ll begin..
after itz completed...the pc will reboot tk out the dvd frm the drive..thats it...


defragment the drive before bakin up..this increases pc performance..

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The Top10 Hacks Of All Time

Early 1990s
Kevin Mitnick, often incorrectly called by many as god of hackers, broke into the computer systems of the world's top technology and telecommunications companies Nokia, Fujitsu, Motorola, and Sun Microsystems. He was arrested by the FBI in 1995, but later released on parole in 2000. He never termed his activity hacking, instead he called it social engineering.

November 2002
Englishman Gary McKinnon was arrested in November 2002 following an accusation that he hacked into more than 90 US military computer systems in the UK. He is currently undergoing trial in a British court for a "fast-track extradition" to the US where he is a wanted man. The next hearing in the case is slated for today.

Russian computer geek Vladimir Levin effected what can easily be called The Italian Job online - he was the first person to hack into a bank to extract money. Early 1995, he hacked into Citibank and robbed $10 million. Interpol arrested him in the UK in 1995, after he had transferred money to his accounts in the US, Finland, Holland, Germany and Israel.

When a Los Angeles area radio station announced a contest that awarded a Porsche 944S2 for the 102nd caller, Kevin Poulsen took control of the entire city's telephone network, ensured he is the 102nd caller, and took away the Porsche beauty. He was arrested later that year and sentenced to three years in prison. He is currently a senior editor at Wired News.

Kevin Poulsen again. A little-known incident when Poulsen, then just a student, hacked into Arpanet, the precursor to the Internet was hacked into. Arpanet was a global network of computers, and Poulsen took advantage of a loophole in its architecture to gain temporary control of the US-wide network.

US hacker Timothy Lloyd planted six lines of malicious software code in the computer network of Omega Engineering which was a prime supplier of components for NASA and the US Navy. The code allowed a "logic bomb" to explode that deleted software running Omega's manufacturing operations. Omega lost $10 million due to the attack.

Twenty-three-year-old Cornell University graduate Robert Morris unleashed the first Internet worm on to the world. Morris released 99 lines of code to the internet as an experiment, but realised that his program infected machines as it went along. Computers crashed across the US and elsewhere. He was arrested and sentenced in 1990.

The Melissa virus was the first of its kind to wreak damage on a global scale. Written by David Smith (then 30), Melissa spread to more than 300 companies across the world completely destroying their computer networks. Damages reported amounted to nearly $400 million. Smith was arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.

MafiaBoy, whose real identity has been kept under wraps because he is a minor, hacked into some of the largest sites in the world, including eBay, Amazon and Yahoo between February 6 and Valentine's Day in 2000. He gained access to 75 computers in 52 networks, and ordered a Denial of Service attack on them. He was arrested in 2000.

They called themselves Masters of Deception, targeting US phone systems. The group hacked into the National Security Agency, AT&T, and Bank of America. It created a system that let them bypass long-distance phone call systems, and gain access to the pbx of major carriers.

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Orkut For Mobile Phone Users

In order to access the mobile version of Orkut, users simply have to point their phone's browser over to and login using your Google account.

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A New Low Bandwidth Version Of Orkut

Facing difficulties in surfing Orkut while using a dial-up connection? Now no need to worry dial-up user because Orkut has introduce its Low Bandwidth Version. This version will be helpful for all those users who are using slow internet connection.

How To Convert Your Orkut Into Low Bandwidth Version:

  • Log in, in your orkut account
  • Go to your General Settings
  • In the General Setting Tab, there is a low bandwidth option, as shown in screen shot
  • Choose the low bandwidth option & Feel Free to use Orkut no matter what kinda Internet Connection you are using.

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Download Highly Compressed GTA (64kb)

Highly compressed GTA San Andreas.. Just 64kb..
To decompress, KGB archiever included.

PS: It will take time to decompressed about 30 mints

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