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Sunday, November 4, 2007

...Check This Shit...

One More

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You Wanna Buy Something Absolutely Free???

Everyone loves FREE stuff, freebies and getting something in
the mail besides a bill or junk mail.
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I will be aiming to bring you the latest freebies,
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Shell Motorsport celebrates the start of the 2007
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UBUNTU linux version (7.04)
Ubuntu Linux is available free of charge and they can
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AMD LOGO T-shirt
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Trend Anti virus CD

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Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partners DvD
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FREE AMD Bag Stuff
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Car Bumper stickers (Wild Life)
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Free Microsoft Accessibility CDs
The free Microsoft Accessibility CD Set shows you
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This CD set features accessibility demos and tutorials for
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Subscribe to RSS feed of any Scrapbook & Community

This GreaseMonkey Script for Orkut adds a link to RSS feed of current users scrapbook or community posts in top header menu of Orkut!

Look at following screenshots for quick understanding…

Following can be seen whenever you will be navigating any orkut users profile, scrapbook, album, friend-list, etc…

Similarly following can be seen whenever you will be navigating any community… be its forum, poll, member-list, etc…

Now whenever you will click on above links you will be redirected to relevant RSS fee, which you can add to a RSS Reader like Google Reader. (see following screenshot)

If you are good at math then you can realize all you need is one-click to reach any Orkut users scrapbook or community!

Also for advance firefox users, the RSS Link will be integrated into orkut so that you can get RSS indicator in navigation/address bar as shown in following screenshot.

The RSS indicator is context sensitive and will automatically point to scrapbook or community RSS depending on which page you are! Clicking on it will again take you to Firefox Feed Subscription page as shown above!

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PROFILE updates above birthday UPDATES

not tht useful
anywaz this gm script shifts profile updates above birthday updates


install then goto SB

picasa slideshow in orkut profile page

Auto Go to Last Page of the Topic on Reply!
This script has been made by Praveen Reddy and i totally agree with his opinion that when we post a reply, we wish to see the reply rather than navigating to the first page of the topic. So this script takes care of the issue, taking us to the last page of a topic in which we reply.

Script -

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Stylish ( For Firefox Users Only )

Stylish allows easy management of user styles. User styles empower your browsing experience by letting you fix ugly sites, customize the look of your browser or mail client, or just have fun. With an online repository at, you don't even need to know how to write styles yourself; just a couple clicks and the chosen style is applied. Stylish is to CSS what Greasemonkey is to JavaScript, and unlike other methods of using user styles, most styles take effect immediately is a collection of styles that puts you in control of the appearance of websites and of Mozilla applications. These styles can remove annoying parts of websites, change the colour scheme, streamline your browser, and much more.

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Truth Behind ma Success (FF Addons)

Here is ma secret. Some of useful add ones for FF. its really work gr8 N helps a lots of me.


this is a Lang. Tranlater, Google/wikipedia/askme/ and ENSCLOPDA site refr, Convertr, Maps, Goto link so many other short cut tabs.

Just Select tht Text menu apers and choose ur choice. Itz really a advance and better Lang. Tranlater then Google. even you don't need to go any website itz translate on the spot.

Advance Dork:

This is a Google Dork. inurl/index all hacks in side it.


Well Yoono here another useful addone. Specially for Moddy/Owners. Just select Text and click Buzz thts it. your info saved.

Save Text, Pic, VDO and many more. You hav to Regd. it. itz free. and creat a Folder wr it save your Data. Like you Like a Topic and wanna save it click Buzz it and Save it...giva name thats it..

your Data is Saved.

No Script:

I think all Know ab8 it.

Hope you like ma this post...looking 4wrd 4 your Comments..

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User Scripts For Mozilla FF Users

Hi Guyz Here i m gonna post all about User scripts they will help you surf Orkut in a very fine way.

To Download Mozilla Firefox

1st step

Guys first u should have a greasemonkey in ur FF

To Download Click Here

1) For medal in orkut profile..install this user script

2)for all those who have trouble installing the orkut toolbar try this out

3)Removes all forum text and event links to with ALL UPPER CASE subjects and subjects with consecutive exclamation marks

4)This script adds a link to the lst page of a topic in a community. so now you can directly browse to the last page to view the recent posts

5)Replaces the photos of some loser with a random image of the beautiful Jennifer Connelly.

6)Enlarges the textbox for posting messages on orkut forums

7)Display Links to Albums and Scrapbooks for each profile

8)Font color, bold, italic, underlinde, emoticons and links on your profile about and community description

9)Single Click Access To Various Possible Options In Orkut.

10)This script enables you to be notified when you get a new scrap or private message, or a friend of yours enters Orkut

* Download the Glitter Toolbar

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News: Britons sending 1bn texts weekly

Text message on phone, PA
Some types of message are best sent via a text
Britons are now sending more than one billion text messages per week according to the latest figures from the Mobile Data Association (MDA).

The figure is 25% higher than a year ago and is set to shatter forecasts for how many text messages have been sent to and from handsets this year.

That weekly total is the same as the number sent during the whole of 1999.

Some 4.825bn texts were sent in September 2007, equivalent to 4,000 every second.

"It has exceeded our forecasts quite significantly," said Mike Short, head of the MDA.

The total for 2007 looks set to reach 52 billion, he said. This was far in excess of the 42-48 billion the MDA previously predicted would be sent this year.

Mr Short said there were several reasons for the continuing growth.

"It's convenient, comprehensive, it's on every handset and network and it is cost effective," he said.

Once despatched, a text message is stored on the mobile network until it can be delivered to its intended destination.


That effective guarantee of delivery was perfect for many messages that may not merit an entire conversation or that people did not want to trust to voicemail.

Many people were also happy to get news and updates about topics or teams they follow via text messaging.

But increasingly, said Mr Short, companies were making use of text messaging.

"It's a lot more convenient for a business now to notify lots of their employees about an urgent message using a text message," he said.

At the same time many other companies were using text messages to manage relationships with customers when deliveries, appointments or house calls were due.

"The UK text volumes show no real signs of abating and the UK sits within the top six of the global league of countries sending text messages," Mr Short went on.

"While the trend towards operators offering 'all-you-can-eat' tariffs increases, this will act as a catalyst for consumers' passion for all things mobile."

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Javascript: Hide Your Name

go to profile page,,then go to edit profile,,n in the genaeral tab,,run the following script n then update


ur name wud be invisible

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Javascript: Send Scrap To All Friends! working...!easy awesome

Send Scrap To All Friends.........

here is script copy this and paste in ur add barr send all scrap to all


well .. guyz believe mee its the most easiest way to scrap to al ur also works in IE

There are a number of services which cheap web hosting offers like web development, and dedicated servers. Most of the websites also offer domain name registration for free. A good website and a simple and good web design can attract visitors on your website and increase web ranking.

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Quran Pak In MSN

Add above to your MSN. This is a Bot. Type Help (after your add request accepted) and send you will be told how to use the bot..

My Tips:Quran 6:5 Ur This will show Urdu translation of 5th Ayah of 6th Sura. i.e. 6 is the Surah number and 5 is Ayah Numberyou can use likeQuran 6:5-7 Ur THis will show Urdu translation of from Ayah 5 to 7You can use En or Ar for English or Arabic translation. And there is much more (Other than Quran Pak in this Bot)

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Now check your scraps without logging into orkut!

Copy this url n past in ie then Change UID{uid}

Like THiS:

now you can see your scraps without login

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