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Saturday, December 22, 2007

News: Manhunt 2 to face court challenge

manhunt hanged
Manhunt 2 was banned in the UK in June

British censors have won the right to fight the UK release of video game Manhunt 2 in the High Court.

A judge accepted the British Board of Film Classification's argument that the game had been approved for release on a misinterpretation of the law.

The game was banned in June but the Video Appeals Committee said the game could be classified and released.

The BBFC said that the VAC had been guilty of "a very serious misdirection of law" on the question of harm.

The judge said: "I have taken into account the high public interest in the possibility of harm to children."

Mr Justice Wyn Williams ruled the Board had an arguable case that should go to a full hearing.

Both sides agreed that the game was not suitable for children, but the BBFC argued that if given a certificate for release, it could still end up in the hands of minors.

The judge also suspended the VAC's decision that the game should be classified, halting any possibility of it going on sale until after the High Court challenge, due to take place before 31 January next year.

The BBFC said it would pay any damages that developer Rockstar might suffer as a result of the stay, if the Board loses its legal challenge.

The Board had warned that if the VAC decision had stood, it would have fundamental implications for all of its decisions, including those about unacceptable levels of violence.

Rockstar Games said that Manhunt 2 was "well within the bounds established by other 18+ rated entertainment".

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Books on Hacking

17. [ FLASH ] rues on IBM AIX

18. [ FLASH ] sequential of rues ispravlenym eksploytom

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20. Vulnerability

21. IRC. Mockery above Slader-Non

22. Vulnerabilities SetccMS (XSS)

23. Installation Apache, Php, Perl, Mysql to localhost

24. Php- injection in the script of news CuteNews v1.3.1

25. Method of the interpretation of khesha IPB 2..x and breaking the forum

26. Breaking Invision Power Board sploytom

27. New vulnerability PunBB

28. cuz uze google'n'yandex before askin ' stupid questions %)

29. WWWThreads Bug

30. Breaking phpBB 2.0.15 new sploytom

31. Active XSS in

32. Installation of proxy to unix the machine

33. XSS in phpBB with use phpNuke

34. Idea of defeysa of the site through the search demands!

35. Defeys of the site through the vulnerability in PunBB (php include)

36. Breaking OF LARGE BROTHER - SQL - injection.

37. Breaking through PHP injection and GIF the file

38. Breaking of the mailbox through the holes on the server

39. SQL- Eng. in IPB 1. *, 2. *. Obtaining khesha of admina

40. History of the breaking of one site

41. XSS in MercuryBoard. New.

42. Vulnerability IkonBoard. Reading it is file

43. Error of khostera in tuning of system.

44. Obtaining administrative privelegiy in paBugs

45. Vulnerability phpBB in module downloads.php

46. XSS in many search with- swing. It is in detail.

47. Breaking phpBB new sploytom

48. XSS in PunBB 1..x

49. XSS in MercuryBoard 1..x

50. Vulnerability in SR Guestbook

51. Breaking of box on (part of 2)

62. Vulnerability in phpBB 2.0.12 (KEZ)

63. Vulnerability in phpBB 2.0.12 (max_.pain89)

64. We obtain seriynik for progi through ArtMoney

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66. SQL injection in LedForums

67. Example Post- Flood through DenyoLaunch III

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70. Study of protection WinRAR 3..0b =)

71. Second method of the theft of nikov in the chat room

72. CHAT ROOM. Seizure of nikov.

73. Presence s/n for WinZIP 8..0b

74. We make patch for BlueFace (CodeFusion)

75. We make patch for WinZIP 8..0b (CodeFusion)

76. We penetrate in strange comp. through Remote Administrator

77. Pincha no longer catches the antivirus

78. Survey of bagov in cgi scripts.

79. Idea of brutoforsa amperesecond through HTTP demands.

80. As to drive away as'ku. One of the methods.

81. By vlom with the aid of rAdmin Of brutforsera!

82. one additional method to skachat' paid mp3 c of site

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84. Vulnerability of site on cursor runcms

85. Story about troyane pinch 1.0

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94. Seizure Flesch chat room (part 1)

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106. To the article about We steal Cooks in the chat room. More detailed video.

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108. php inklyuding KorWeblog

109. Breaking e-mail'ov 2. Sorting of passwords. Is utilized Brutus (under Windows).

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111. Vulnerability Ultimate PHP Board (UPB) v1.9

112. Forum Russian Board Or as it is not necessary to write authorization system. (found Max_.pain)

113. As to obtain strange letters on ramblere

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115. We look passwords on forum Powered by Web Wiz Forums.

116. Overcrowding of buffer. Theory.

117. We steal UIN, having a base of the users

118. As to steal the Internet on 445 port

119. Baga ConfYmi 2.1

120. We obtain root, I use sploita.

121. Practitioner Flood

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Hacking An Indian Mobile Balance ! Chaeat !

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1.) ** Dial " 1415007 " using your h/phone and wait for 5 second

2.) ** after 5 second, you will hear some funny noise (like sound from
TV when the station is finished)

3.) ** Once the noise stop, immediately dial 9151 follow by your phone

4.) ** A recorded message "please insert your pin number" will follow

5.) ** punch in the pin number " 011785 45227 00734" and wait for the
operator finish repeating the above pin number.

6.) ** After the pin number has been repeat, dial " 0405-for AIRTEL,
404 -for ORANGE (HUTCH)" . 403 -for BSNL"

7.) ** you will hear a message "for air time top-up press 1723" you
just have to follow the instruction

8.) ** After you follow the instruction, the noisy sound will re-appear
for about 5 second

9.) ** once the noise stop, dial " 4455147 " follow by " 146 "

10.) ** after about 5 second, dial " 1918 " after 3 second dial " 4451"

11.) ** after you done that, punch in the serial number "
01174452271145527 " you will hear dial tone.

Inform me when it works

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

News: Action urged on broadband speeds

Laptop computer
Customers should be informed of actual speeds, the panel said
Action should be taken over consumers' concerns about broadband connection speeds, a watchdog has said.

The Ofcom Consumer Panel said speeds advertised as "up to" a certain level end up being much slower in reality.

The panel said there needed to be a code of practice so broadband customers get proper information about speeds.

The Advertising Standards Authority should look at how companies advertise broadband speeds and encourage them to explain why they can vary, it added.

Clear information

Research earlier this year found that customers who had signed up for speeds advertised as up to eight megabits a second were often getting something only as third as fast.

The panel said customers should be allowed out of their contract if the actual speed is a lot less than they were promised.

Internet service providers should provide clear information on what can affect speeds, and inform customers of the actual speed after installation, the panel said.

Panel chairman Colette Bowe said: "This code would establish agreed processes to give the customer the best information during and after the sales process, and to give them flexibility to move freely to different packages that reflect the actual speeds with which their ISPs are able to provide them."

The panel was set up to advise the communications watchdog about issues affecting consumers.

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and many more......

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Create Your Own Ringtone

here u can creater ur own ringtone ... i mean u can create like any gal callin ur name or anything ..
must give it a try .....

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Popular mp3 Ringtones

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Thursday, December 13, 2007


Open your favorite movie player and play the movie

Hit "PrintScreen", keep playing the movie in the player, dont stop it.

Open MsPaint.

Select "Edit>Paste" Or Hit "CTRL+V"

You can watch movies in Paint!

To change the name of the Recycle Bin desktop icon, open Regedit and go to:


and change the name "Recycle Bin" to whatever you want.

These tricks r old now, as Vista has arrived but still quite a lot of ppl r still hanging on to Xp.

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Keeping more of your content private

Recently, we wrote about the new functionality that allows you to chose whether to let everyone or just your friends view your testimonials, videos and photos. And now, we're announcing that we've expanded privacy settings so you can now do the same with your scrapbook and feeds. Though some of us feel perfectly comfortable keeping our scraps open to the community, we know some of you are more private and would prefer to keep them among friends. How do we know? We've heard you in the help group and help center, and we've listened! Limiting who can view your scrapbook has been a long requested feature on orkut. To adjust your level of privacy, go to your settings page and click on "privacy". Thanks for the feedback, keep letting us know what you want to see from orkut!

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News: How next billion will shape net

Internet law professor Michael Geist looks at what doubling the number of users will mean to the net.

Internet cafe in China (ap)
China will add another 250 million users over the next decade
Last month hundreds of people descended on Rio de Janiero, Brazil, for the second annual Internet Governance Forum.

Sponsored by the United Nations, the IGF attracted politicians, business leaders, technologists, and others interested in the global issues facing the internet.

While media coverage of the forum focused primarily on domain name issues, those concerns were overshadowed by a far more important and challenging question - what will the next billion users mean to the internet itself?

With more than a billion internet users worldwide, doubling that number, which should happen within the next decade, will obviously have a profound effect on the network, technology, the computer software industry, access to knowledge, and our environment.

Understanding the effect of another billion internet users starts with considering the origin of those users. Although some will reside in North America, Europe, and other developed countries that close their domestic digital divides, the majority of the growth will undoubtedly come from the developing world.

China is already the second largest internet-using country the world and it will likely surpass the United States, the current leader, within the next year or two, adding 250 million internet users over the next decade.

Countries such as India and Brazil should add another 200 million internet users, while the fastest rate of growth is likely to come from Africa, which is starting from a much smaller base.

The next billion will differ in more ways than just geography. Most new internet users will not speak English as their first language, which should lead to increased pressure to accommodate different languages within the domain name system.

Moreover, many new internet users will have different cultural and societal views on hot-button issues such as online free speech, privacy, and copyright. As they demand a voice in global policy making, those users will help shift the policy debate.

XO laptop
The $100 laptop - new users will use different technology

The next billion may also use different technology to access the internet. The recent introduction of the XO laptop - previously known as the $100 laptop - demonstrates how the developing world has different requirements and how the technology industry will have to adapt to those changing environments.

Indeed, flashy, high-end laptops with large screens, fast DVD players, and enormous hard drivers may give way to devices that are energy efficient, sturdier, and better suited to users with varying levels of literacy.

The operating systems and software installed on those machines may also be different. Microsoft and Apple may have been the preferred choice for most of the first billion, but the next billion is far more likely to use open source software alternatives that are free and offer the chance for local customisation.

Not only will the devices be different, but the next billion will employ alternate modes to access the internet. Widespread broadband may be too expensive to install in some developing communities, leading to greater reliance on wireless and satellite-based connectivity.

Users may use mobile devices as their primary way to connect to the internet, experiencing slower speeds of access and forcing e-commerce companies to adapt to a changing marketplace.

The message of the Internet Governance Forum was that the next billion is an enormously positive story. A tale of improving economic condition that will allow for much broader participation in the communication, culture, and commercial opportunities most Canadians now take for granted.

As we welcome the next billion, we must recognise that they will do more than just use the internet. They will help reshape it in their own image and with their own values, languages, and cultures.

Michael Geist holds the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law at the University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law. He can be reached at or online at

Prof Michael Geist (Michael Geist)

As we welcome the next billion, we must recognise that they will do more than just use the internet. They will help reshape it in their own image and with their own values, languages, and cultures.
Michael Geist

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News: UK 'keener on online networking'

Teenage boy surfs internet
The UK benefits from cheap broadband deals
More adults in the UK use social networking sites such as Facebook than in other European countries, a report by communications watchdog Ofcom says.

Four out of 10 UK adults with internet access use social networking sites compared to 17% in France, 12% in Germany and 22% in Italy.

The UK is eclipsed only by Canada where 53% of internet users go on social networking sites.

In Japan and the US the percentage is 32% and 34% respectively.

International comparisons


The Ofcom report into the £873bn telecoms, radio and television sectors compared the UK with 11 other countries, including Canada and the US.

It also looked at emerging giants Brazil, Russia, India and China, where mobile phone growth is particularly strong.

The report found that the US and UK are the only places where men do not use the internet more than women.

In the UK, the split is equal, while in the US 52% of internet users are women.

Cheap deals

The watchdog also said that the UK enjoys some of the cheapest deals for telephone, pay-TV and broadband.

In the UK, about 40% of households already take a bundled service, where they pay a monthly fee for a telephone landline, pay-TV and the internet.

This can be as low as £25 in the UK for a typical family household including two parents and two children.

This compares with £27.22 in France, £39.77 in Germany and £69.54 in the US.

UK: £25
France: £27.22
Germany: £39.77
US: £69.54
Price for triple play deals
Source: Ofcom

Price may be one of the reasons the UK has the highest take-up of digital television in the 12 countries surveyed.

At the end of 2006, about 76% of UK households were digital.

But it is still Japanese and US consumers who spend the most time watching television, averaging 4.5 hours a day.

This is one hour more than people spend in front of television in the UK.

Revenue boost

Internet advertising revenues are also on the rise, particularly in the UK.

mobile phones in emerging markets

At £33, advertisers in the UK spend more money per person on internet advertising than any other country, twice as much as that spent in France, Germany and Italy combined.

Overall, the money to be made from telecom services is increasing, reflecting the growing importance of the sector.

Telecom services revenue per head increased by 20% - from £288m in 2001 to £345m in 2006 - across the countries surveyed, the report found.

Global take up

Globally, mobiles are driving growth in the communications sector, now accounting for 53% of total telecoms revenues.

By the end of 2006, there were 402 million landlines and 634 million mobile connections in the 12 countries surveyed.

Brazil, Russia, China and India are driving much of this growth.

Since 2001, more than 660 million subscriptions were added in these four countries, accounting for 40% of total new mobile subscriptions globally.

Last year, mobile phone users in China sent 429 billion text messages, or 967 text messages per user, compared with 621 per mobile user in the UK.

New subscriptions in India doubled to 150 million, more than twice the number of UK subscribers.

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News: Greenpeace takes on gaming giants

A gamer holding a gaming remote
Greenpeace is hoping to speak to manufacturers via gamers
Greenpeace has called on gamers to persuade Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo to make their consoles greener.

According to the environmental campaign group, game console makers have so far "failed to reduce the toxic burden of their products".

It accuses Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony of lagging behind mobile phone and PC manufacturers.

The initiative is part of Greenpeace's campaign to persuade the electronics industry to be greener.

"Game console manufacturers are lagging way behind the makers of mobile phones and PCs who have been reducing the toxic load of the products over the past year," said Zenia Al Hajj, Greenpeace International's toxics campaigner.

"Game consoles contain many of the same components as PCs so manufacturers can do a lot more," she added.

Workers "at risk"

As part of its campaign, Greenpeace has launched a 90-second video featuring some of the iconic games console characters - Microsoft's Master Chief, Nintendo's Mario and Sony's Kratos - competing for the prize of a greener games console.

Gamers can compare how each console meaures up on toxic materials, recycling and energy efficiency, as well as logging their support for the campaign.

The campaign is aimed at the big three game console manufacturers - Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

Nintendo said that it is looking to establish a dialogue with Greenpeace but that it adhered to all European standards.

It is signed up to the European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive - which makes manufacturers responsible for recycling their goods.

"We make sure that all of our products comply with European standards which we understand are the highest in the world," said a spokesman.

Greenpeace is engaged in a wider campaign to persuade the whole electronics industry to eliminate hazardous chemicals across the board.

It does not believe that current legislation goes far enough and on its hazard hit list are brominated fire retardants and PVC, the use of which it claims can lead to dangerous chemicals building up in the environment and in human and animal tissue.

It said that Chinese and Indian workers in production facilities and scrap yards where goods are dismantled could be at risk.

Nintendo's spokesman said that no PVC was used in the production of its consoles, although he couldn't confirm whether brominated fire retardants were banned.

Leading mobile phone makers, including Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson and Philips, have all implemented eco-design aspects into their production lines, including reducing the amount of hazardous substances used in their products.

Global warming

Avatars in Habbo Hotel
Global warming campaign launched in the virtual world

Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, produces a handset every nine seconds. It has decided to implement requirements set out in the EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive in all 10 of its factories around the globe.

The RoHS Directive bans six substances (lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PDBE) from products that are either made or sold in the EU.

Greenpeace has been busy garnering support for its various initiatives from the web community. Earlier this month it teamed up with teenage social networking site Habbo to find out more about youngsters attitudes to global warming.

50,000 teenagers responded to the survey, with 74% rating global warming over drugs, violence and war as the issue they were most concerned about.

It has launched a 90 second video, aimed at gamers, in which iconic characters from each of the major manufacturers compete for a greener games console.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New Script For View Locked Orkut Album (101% Working)

New Script For View Locked Orkut Album (101% Working)

Copy Paste Code To locked Album's address bar enter.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News: Emergency rules for net telephony

Fire engine leaving fire station, PA
Ofcom fears delay could make an emergency worse
Watchdog Ofcom has ruled that firms which route phone calls across the net must connect to 999 and 112.

Before now net phone firms have not been required to connect to emergency numbers. This ruling applies to those firms which let customers call normal national phone numbers.

Ofcom says the stipulation is needed to ensure that during an emergency people can summon help as quickly as possible.

Phone firms have until September 2008 to comply with the ruling.

Research carried out by Ofcom suggests few people know that net phone services, aka voice over IP, do not connect to 999 or 112, the European Union's universal emergency number for mobiles and fixed lines.

In an Ofcom survey 78% of those using net phone services which cannot connect to the emergency services thought that such a call was already possible on that network or were unaware that there might be a problem.

Ofcom fears that having to find a phone that can call the emergency services during a crisis might make a serious situation much worse.

The ruling does not apply to all net phone firms. Only those that let customers call out to normal national numbers but not receive them or let customers make and take calls from normal phone numbers are affected.

Ofcom started a consultation process on the emergency number issue in July 2007.

Excluded are services that only let their customers call other people on the same voip network or that only let customers receive calls from normal phone numbers.

In March Ofcom issued guidelines for net phone firms which stipulated that they must be upfront about the limitations on their services and tell customers what numbers and services they can and cannot call when they sign up.

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News: 'Digital locks' future questioned

Does DRM protect content or restrict consumers?
One of the world's largest hard disk manufacturers has blocked its customers from sharing online their media files that are stored on networked drives.

Western Digital says the decision to block sharing of music and audio files is an anti-piracy effort.

The ban operates regardless of whether the files are copy-protected, or a user's own home-produced content.

Digital activists say it is the latest step in a so-called war on copyright theft that is damaging consumer rights.

The shift to a digital world in which all forms of content, from books, music, and TV programmes to films, can be shared effortlessly around the world between people with an internet connection has produced an unprecedented upheaval in attitudes to media, copyright and consumer rights.

Professional content producers have struggled to adapt to this changing world and deal with rampant copyright infringement that threatens to undermine their businesses.

Digital restrictions management... is a restriction of our rights
Peter Brown, Free Software Foundation

The most popular method of copyright control in the digital age, Digital Rights Management (DRM), is a software - and sometimes hardware - solution designed to prevent copying and to control how different forms of media are used.

Peter Brown of the Free Software Foundation, a leading anti-DRM campaigner, said: "DRM and filtering attempts by firms like Western Digital are an attempt to take control of our computers.

"DRM is bad for society because it attempts to monitor what we do and how we live our digital lives. It is asking us to give up control of something which gives us some degree of democracy, freedom and the ability to communicate with a large group of people."

Western Digital has blocked users from sharing more than 30 different file types, if they are using the company's software, called Anywhere Access.

Mr Brown added: "DRM is never right because it takes away our rights as citizens."

He said all DRM solutions had been bypassed, rendering the technology useless.

Press conference
Apple and EMI announced DRM-free tracks earlier this year

"You can't stop the copying of ones and zeroes - its impossible," he said.

Paul Garland, head of intellectual property litigation at law firm Kemp Little, said it was not possible to say DRM was not working.

"Content creators are struggling to find a way to prevent mass distribution of their creations."

Alexander Ross, a partner at law firm Wiggin, said: "There is fundamentally two types of operation for DRM - to restrict usage, and track usage.

"That second element is essential and will remain essential - particularly for subscription services, which are beginning to take off.

"If we go down the subscription route, there must be control."

The common problem with DRM for many users is one of a lack of interoperability. Many of the world's leading content producers use DRM systems which are incompatible with one another.

The popular example is the majority of music bought and downloaded from iTunes, the world's most popular online music retailer, which can only be played in its original form on iPods, machines running iTunes and Apple's own wireless TV system.

However, iTunes does now sell a selection of music from EMI without DRM.

The biggest problem is that it is actually quite difficult as a consumer when downloading content to know what you are able to do with it
Paul Garland, Kemp Little

The BBC has been criticised for using a form of DRM for its TV downloads that means the programmes cannot be played on Apple Macs and PCs running Linux.

"The reason for a lack of standards across the industry is that there's no such thing as the industry," said Mr Ross.

"There is Steve Jobs and Microsoft and the two titans are at odds with one another. Between them they rule the market."

Mr Garland said: "The biggest problem is that it is actually quite difficult as a consumer when downloading content to know what you are able to do with it.

Bill Gates
There is Steve Jobs and Microsoft and the two titans are at odds with one another. Between them they rule the market.
Alexander Ross, Wiggin

"If DRM is going to survive, there needs to be much greater effort to tell purchasers what they can or can't do with it."

Mr Ross said people had to understand they did not have the rights to do whatever they wanted with digital content.

One solution could be to develop information standards to inform people about the rights and restrictions around DRM, said Mr Garland.

He said: "Content owners are entitled to give you what rights they decide to give you; when you are downloading a piece of music, for example. They are also entitled to restrict you from circumventing the DRM.

"Trying to circumvent the DRM is an offence in itself. DRM is part of the law and a legitimate method of trying to protect your copyright content."

For the music industry the future looks less and less likely to involve DRM, said Mr Garland.

He said: "There is a backlash, people are concerned. The music industry is now talking a lot more about DRM-free products. DRM hasn't been the way to overcome the copyright infringement problem."

Mr Ross said that DRM as a copy protection tool might not last much longer.

"However, DRM as a track and rights management system is here to stay - as long as the music industry exists on a royalty model," he said.

Mr Brown said the industry did not need to use DRM, nor employ laws which prohibit the bypassing of DRM, in order to protect their financial interests.

"Media companies are trying to force people to think about copyright infringement almost in line with murder on the high seas.

"Copyright law is about copying and reproduction of work; that is on the statue books for everyone and is sufficient to tackle the problem.

"Digital restrictions a restriction of our rights and the use we make of media files, that historically and legitimately we have been used to.

"The idea this is somehow protecting someone is untrue - it is an attack on us as citizens."

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News: Ask rolls out search privacy tool

The AskEraser on the homepage
The AskEraser will feature prominently on the site
Search engine Ask has launched a feature that it hopes will prove a selling point for consumers concerned about their online privacy.

AskEraser allows users to immediately delete search queries stored on Ask's servers, in contrast to rivals such as Google which stores data for 18 months.

How personal data is used is becoming more of an issue as people live more of their lives via search engines.

Some are concerned about possible deals between search engines and ad firms.

In America consumer advocacy groups have expressed doubts about a proposed merger between Google and ad-serving company DoubleClick, which is currently being reviewed by US regulators.

Privacy issues

Jumping on the privacy bandwagon, Ask is offering users the chance to take charge of what happens with their search history.

An AskEraser link will feature prominently on the homepage and, when enabled by the user, will delete all future search queries and associated cookie information from its servers.

The information it destroys includes IP address, user ID and session ID along with the complete text of a query.

Jim Lanzone, chief executive of Ask
Jim Lanzone hopes the tool will lure users concerned about privacy

"For people who worry about their online privacy, AskEraser now gives them control of their search information," said Jim Lanzone, chief executive of

But some critics have pointed out that it doesn't entirely erase all information, as search queries relating to advertisements supplied by Google will continue to be passed to the search rival.

Other search engines are attempting to quell concerns about privacy and most operate polices which mean search histories are deleted between a year and 18 months after they were made.

But some consumers are getting twitchy about how their data is shared, following some high-profile cases.

In August 2006 AOL was forced to apologise after it released the search queries of more than 650,000 of its US subscribers to help in academic research.

Although users' names were not associated with the search terms, fears were raised that the queries contained personally identifiable data. It was not clear which researchers were given the data and how they intended to use it.

And just last week Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of social networking site Facebook, had to make changes to a new advertising system after more than 50,000 users complained about it.

Called Beacon, the system is designed to track web shopping on partner sites outside Facebook with the intention of providing targeted adverts to the social network based on purchases.

After complaints the site was invading privacy, Facebook changed Beacon from an opt-out system to opt in.

Mr Zuckerberg has said users can now switch off Beacon completely.

'Paying with privacy'

Despite these cases not everyone is convinced that privacy is a big enough winner for users to desert their favoured search engine for Ask.

"The press loves to run stories about the hidden privacy concerns caused by data collected online, but consumers have taken an 'out of sight, out of mind' approach," commented technology blog TechCrunch.

"We're finding that people are willing to pay for the best free products with their privacy," it added.

Surveys conducted in the US seem to bear this out. While a majority of Americans say they are concerned about their online privacy, only a tiny percentage are actually prepared to take steps to protect it.

Yahoo believes that its current privacy policy is sufficient.

"Search log data is anonymised within 13 months of collection except where users request otherwise or where Yahoo! is required to retain the information to comply with legal obligations.," the firm said in a statement.

"We believe the 13 month-policy is the appropriate timeline to honour our commitment to our users' privacy while preserving our ability to defend against fraudulent activity and continue to improve our services," it read.

Google said it had no plans to implement such a tool.

The highly competitive search engine market, which is dominated by Google, means rivals are increasingly searching for applications that differentiate them.

According to internet measurement firm comScore, Ask accounted for 4.7% of US searches during October. Google took the lion's share with 58.5%, with Yahoo accounting for 22.9% and Microsoft for 9.7%.

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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Trojans and Ports V/s Command Prompt

Torjans are 1 of the most dangerous programs. They send server programs to ur computer and connect to your computer on being executed. And after that the hacker can control ur computer. Torjans like SUB 7 and OPTIX are 1 of the most powerful torjans, they can damage ur security more than any other regular torjan, they have built in keylogger and other deadly programs which records everything u do into different logs and then it email the logs back to the hackers.

Procedure to detect.

Although new torjans are created everyday and there a lot of anti-torjan programs which detect torjans on ur PC a siimple way to find out if a torjan or any program is trying to connect or has already connected from ur computer to the Internet is -

Run -> type "cmd" or "command"
then MSDOS window pops up next you
-> type "Netstat -n"
after u type "netstat -n " and hit enter u will get the list of connections from ur computer to the internet. So u can check the ports I have given below , to find out if u have any torjans.

I know this method of torjan detecting is kind of old and not very accurate but still it can give newbies some Idea .

Here are some netstat tricks :-

* -a -- Displays all connections and listening ports.
* -e -- Displays Ethernet Statistics. This may be combined with the -s option.
* -n -- Displays addresses and port numbers in numerical form.
* -p proto -- Shows connections for the protocol specified by proto; proto may be TCP or UDP. If used with the -s option to display per-protocol statistics, proto may be TCP, UDP, or IP.
* -r -- Displays the routing table.
* -s -- Displays per-protocol statistics. By default, statistics are shown for TCP, UDP and IP; the -p option may be used to specify a subset of the default.
* interval -- Redisplays selected statistics, pausing interval seconds between each display. Press Ctrl+C to stop redisplaying statistics. If omitted, Netstat will print the current configuration information once.

Full Explanation of netstat commands give above

Netstat -a will show you all the open connections on your machine (-a is for all). It will also tell you which remote systems you are connected to, the local port number, the remote port number, and the protocol. When I type Netstat -a into my command prompt, I get a number of lines. Following is the actual text returned on one of these lines. The output is in bold, my comments are in parentheses:

TCP (the protocol, in this case, Transmission Control Protocol. The protocol can also be UDP, or User Datagram Protocol. In rare cases you will see Internet Protocol or IP) morgan:1528 (my username followed by my local port #) (a site I am connected to, followed by the port on the remote system) ESTABLISHED (is the state of my connection). Here is a list of common port assignments.

Netstat -an will show you all the information above, except in numeric (-n for numeric) form. This means that in the example above, you would get an IP address instead of "morgan" and "" Both will still be followed by the port numbers. This is one way to get your own IP address, because your username from the first example is now replaced by your numeric IP address in the second. You can also use netstat to get the IP addresses of your friends on ICQ or AIM (AIM buddies will be on port :5190).

Netstat -p TCP or Netstat -p UDP will give you all the information in the above examples, isolated by protocol.

Netstat -e will tell you general information like bytes received and sent, discards and errors.

Netstat interval (in seconds, such as netstat 10 or netstat 20) This command will retabulate and redisplay netstat information each specified interval.

Three bonus netstat tips:

1. If you ever get bored of waiting for Netstat to finish what it's doing, hit Control + C to abort the operation and go back to the command prompt.
2. You can use netstat to see if you have a Trojan. Go here for a list of ports known Trojans attack. If one of these ports is open, you can bet you've got one on your system. Your anti-virus software should also tell you if you are infected, but sometimes it is nice to see the nuts and bolts of how your computer gets attacked.
3. Sometimes Netstat generates a lot of text, too much to see in the command window. Type 'netstat -an >c:\windows\desktop\log.txt' or any other directory you please. Netstat will create a file (in this case, log.txt on my desktop) and dump the output into it. Just open the file to see your results.

Some Ports Used by Torjans

1 (UDP) - Sockets des Troie
2 Death
20 Senna Spy FTP server
21 Back Construction, Blade Runner, Cattivik FTP Server, CC Invader, Dark FTP, Doly Trojan, Fore, Invisible FTP, Juggernaut 42, Larva, MotIv FTP, Net Administrator, Ramen, Senna Spy FTP server, The Flu, Traitor 21, WebEx, WinCrash
22 Shaft
23 Fire HacKer, Tiny Telnet Server - TTS, Truva Atl
25 Ajan, Antigen, Barok, Email Password Sender - EPS, EPS II, Gip, Gris, Happy99, Hpteam mail, Hybris, I love you, Kuang2, Magic Horse, MBT (Mail Bombing Trojan), Moscow Email trojan, Naebi, NewApt worm, ProMail trojan, Shtirlitz, Stealth, Tapiras, Terminator, WinPC, WinSpy
30 Agent 40421
31 Agent 31, Hackers Paradise, Masters Paradise
41 Deep Throat, Foreplay
58 DMSetup
59 DMSetup
79 CDK, Firehotcker
80 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), AckCmd, Back End, Back Orifice 2000 Plug-Ins, Cafeini, CGI Backdoor, Executor, God Message, God Message Creator, Hooker, IISworm, MTX, NCX, Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero, Seeker, WAN Remote, Web Server CT, WebDownloader
81 RemoConChubo
99 Hidden Port, NCX
110 ProMail trojan
113 Invisible Identd Deamon, Kazimas
119 Happy99
121 Attack Bot, God Message, JammerKillah
123 Net Controller
133 Farnaz
137 Chode
137 (UDP) - Msinit
138 Chode
139 Chode, God Message worm, Msinit, Netlog, Network, Qaz
142 NetTaxi
146 Infector
146 (UDP) - Infector
170 A-trojan
334 Backage
411 Backage
420 Breach, Incognito
421 TCP Wrappers trojan
455 Fatal Connections
456 Hackers Paradise
513 Grlogin
514 RPC Backdoor
531 Net666, Rasmin
555 711 trojan (Seven Eleven), Ini-Killer, Net Administrator, Phase Zero, Phase-0, Stealth Spy
605 Secret Service
666 Attack FTP, Back Construction, BLA trojan, Cain & Abel, NokNok, Satans Back Door - SBD, ServU, Shadow Phyre, th3r1pp3rz (= Therippers)
667 SniperNet
669 DP trojan
692 GayOL
777 AimSpy, Undetected
808 WinHole
911 Dark Shadow
999 Deep Throat, Foreplay, WinSatan
1000 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Direct Connection
1001 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Le Guardien, Silencer, WebEx
1010 Doly Trojan
1011 Doly Trojan
1012 Doly Trojan
1015 Doly Trojan
1016 Doly Trojan
1020 Vampire
1024 Jade, Latinus, NetSpy
1025 Remote Storm
1025 (UDP) - Remote Storm
1035 Multidropper
1042 BLA trojan
1045 Rasmin
1049 /sbin/initd
1050 MiniCommand
1053 The Thief
1054 AckCmd
1080 WinHole
1081 WinHole
1082 WinHole
1083 WinHole
1090 Xtreme
1095 Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1097 Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1098 Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1099 Blood Fest Evolution, Remote Administration Tool - RAT
1150 Orion
1151 Orion
1170 Psyber Stream Server - PSS, Streaming Audio Server, Voice
1200 (UDP) - NoBackO
1201 (UDP) - NoBackO
1207 SoftWAR
1208 Infector
1212 Kaos
1234 SubSeven Java client, Ultors Trojan
1243 BackDoor-G, SubSeven, SubSeven Apocalypse, Tiles
1245 VooDoo Doll
1255 Scarab
1256 Project nEXT
1269 Matrix
1272 The Matrix
1313 NETrojan
1338 Millenium Worm
1349 Bo dll
1394 GoFriller, Backdoor G-1
1441 Remote Storm
1492 FTP99CMP
1524 Trinoo
1568 Remote Hack
1600 Direct Connection, Shivka-Burka
1703 Exploiter
1777 Scarab
1807 SpySender
1966 Fake FTP
1967 WM FTP Server
1969 OpC BO
1981 Bowl, Shockrave
1999 Back Door, SubSeven, TransScout
2000 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Insane Network, Last 2000, Remote Explorer 2000, Senna Spy Trojan Generator
2001 Der Späher / Der Spaeher, Trojan Cow
2023 Ripper Pro
2080 WinHole
2115 Bugs
2130 (UDP) - Mini Backlash
2140 The Invasor
2140 (UDP) - Deep Throat, Foreplay
2155 Illusion Mailer
2255 Nirvana
2283 Hvl RAT
2300 Xplorer
2311 Studio 54
2330 Contact
2331 Contact
2332 Contact
2333 Contact
2334 Contact
2335 Contact
2336 Contact
2337 Contact
2338 Contact
2339 Contact, Voice Spy
2339 (UDP) - Voice Spy
2345 Doly Trojan
2565 Striker trojan
2583 WinCrash
2600 Digital RootBeer
2716 The Prayer
2773 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
2774 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
2801 Phineas Phucker
2989 (UDP) - Remote Administration Tool - RAT
3000 Remote Shut
3024 WinCrash
3031 Microspy
3128 Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero
3129 Masters Paradise
3150 The Invasor
3150 (UDP) - Deep Throat, Foreplay, Mini Backlash
3456 Terror trojan
3459 Eclipse 2000, Sanctuary
3700 Portal of Doom
3777 PsychWard
3791 Total Solar Eclypse
3801 Total Solar Eclypse
4000 SkyDance
4092 WinCrash
4242 Virtual Hacking Machine - VHM
4321 BoBo
4444 Prosiak, Swift Remote
4567 File Nail
4590 ICQ Trojan
4950 ICQ Trogen (Lm)
5000 Back Door Setup, Blazer5, Bubbel, ICKiller, Ra1d, Sockets des Troie
5001 Back Door Setup, Sockets des Troie
5002 cd00r, Shaft
5010 Solo
5011 One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT, One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT, modified
5025 WM Remote KeyLogger
5031 Net Metropolitan
5032 Net Metropolitan
5321 Firehotcker
5333 Backage, NetDemon
5343 wCrat - WC Remote Administration Tool
5400 Back Construction, Blade Runner
5401 Back Construction, Blade Runner
5402 Back Construction, Blade Runner
5512 Illusion Mailer
5534 The Flu
5550 Xtcp
5555 ServeMe
5556 BO Facil
5557 BO Facil
5569 Robo-Hack
5637 PC Crasher
5638 PC Crasher
5742 WinCrash
5760 Portmap Remote Root Linux Exploit
5880 Y3K RAT
5882 Y3K RAT
5882 (UDP) - Y3K RAT
5888 Y3K RAT
5888 (UDP) - Y3K RAT
5889 Y3K RAT
6000 The Thing
6006 Bad Blood
6272 Secret Service
6400 The Thing
6661 TEMan, Weia-Meia
6666 Dark Connection Inside, NetBus worm
6667 Dark FTP, ScheduleAgent, SubSeven, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8, Trinity, WinSatan
6669 Host Control, Vampire
6670 BackWeb Server, Deep Throat, Foreplay, WinNuke eXtreame
6711 BackDoor-G, SubSeven, VP Killer
6712 Funny trojan, SubSeven
6713 SubSeven
6723 Mstream
6771 Deep Throat, Foreplay
6776 2000 Cracks, BackDoor-G, SubSeven, VP Killer
6838 (UDP) - Mstream
6883 Delta Source DarkStar (??)
6912 Shit Heep
6939 Indoctrination
6969 GateCrasher, IRC 3, Net Controller, Priority
6970 GateCrasher
7000 Exploit Translation Server, Kazimas, Remote Grab, SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
7001 Freak88, Freak2k
7215 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
7300 NetMonitor
7301 NetMonitor
7306 NetMonitor
7307 NetMonitor
7308 NetMonitor
7424 Host Control
7424 (UDP) - Host Control
7597 Qaz
7626 Glacier
7777 God Message, Tini
7789 Back Door Setup, ICKiller
7891 The ReVeNgEr
7983 Mstream
8080 Brown Orifice, RemoConChubo, Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor, RingZero
8787 Back Orifice 2000
8988 BacHack
8989 Rcon, Recon, Xcon
9000 Netministrator
9325 (UDP) - Mstream
9400 InCommand
9872 Portal of Doom
9873 Portal of Doom
9874 Portal of Doom
9875 Portal of Doom
9876 Cyber Attacker, Rux
9878 TransScout
9989 Ini-Killer
9999 The Prayer
10000 OpwinTRojan
10005 OpwinTRojan
10067 (UDP) - Portal of Doom
10085 Syphillis
10086 Syphillis
10100 Control Total, Gift trojan
10101 BrainSpy, Silencer
10167 (UDP) - Portal of Doom
10520 Acid Shivers
10528 Host Control
10607 Coma
10666 (UDP) - Ambush
11000 Senna Spy Trojan Generator
11050 Host Control
11051 Host Control
11223 Progenic trojan, Secret Agent
12076 Gjamer
12223 Hack´99 KeyLogger
12345 Ashley, cron / crontab, Fat Bitch trojan, GabanBus, icmp_client.c, icmp_pipe.c, Mypic, NetBus, NetBus Toy, NetBus worm, Pie Bill Gates, Whack Job, X-bill
12346 Fat Bitch trojan, GabanBus, NetBus, X-bill
12349 BioNet
12361 Whack-a-mole
12362 Whack-a-mole
12363 Whack-a-mole
12623 (UDP) - DUN Control
12624 ButtMan
12631 Whack Job
12754 Mstream
13000 Senna Spy Trojan Generator, Senna Spy Trojan Generator
13010 Hacker Brasil - HBR
13013 PsychWard
13014 PsychWard
13223 Hack´99 KeyLogger
13473 Chupacabra
14500 PC Invader
14501 PC Invader
14502 PC Invader
14503 PC Invader
15000 NetDemon
15092 Host Control
15104 Mstream
15382 SubZero
15858 CDK
16484 Mosucker
16660 Stacheldraht
16772 ICQ Revenge
16959 SubSeven, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8
16969 Priority
17166 Mosaic
17300 Kuang2 the virus
17449 Kid Terror
17499 CrazzyNet
17500 CrazzyNet
17569 Infector
17593 Audiodoor
17777 Nephron
18753 (UDP) - Shaft
19864 ICQ Revenge
20000 Millenium
20001 Millenium, Millenium (Lm)
20002 AcidkoR
20005 Mosucker
20023 VP Killer
20034 NetBus 2.0 Pro, NetBus 2.0 Pro Hidden, NetRex, Whack Job
20203 Chupacabra
20331 BLA trojan
20432 Shaft
20433 (UDP) - Shaft
21544 GirlFriend, Kid Terror
21554 Exploiter, Kid Terror, Schwindler, Winsp00fer
22222 Donald Dick, Prosiak, Ruler, RUX The TIc.K
23005 NetTrash
23006 NetTrash
23023 Logged
23032 Amanda
23432 Asylum
23456 Evil FTP, Ugly FTP, Whack Job
23476 Donald Dick
23476 (UDP) - Donald Dick
23477 Donald Dick
23777 InetSpy
24000 Infector
25685 Moonpie
25686 Moonpie
25982 Moonpie
26274 (UDP) - Delta Source
26681 Voice Spy
27374 Bad Blood, Ramen, Seeker, SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold, Subseven 2.1.4 DefCon 8, SubSeven Muie, Ttfloader
27444 (UDP) - Trinoo
27573 SubSeven
27665 Trinoo
28678 Exploiter
29104 NetTrojan
29369 ovasOn
29891 The Unexplained
30000 Infector
30001 ErrOr32
30003 Lamers Death
30029 AOL trojan
30100 NetSphere
30101 NetSphere
30102 NetSphere
30103 NetSphere
30103 (UDP) - NetSphere
30133 NetSphere
30303 Sockets des Troie
30947 Intruse
30999 Kuang2
31335 Trinoo
31336 Bo Whack, Butt Funnel
31337 Back Fire, Back Orifice 1.20 patches, Back Orifice (Lm), Back Orifice russian, Baron Night, Beeone, BO client, BO Facil, BO spy, BO2, cron / crontab, Freak88, Freak2k, icmp_pipe.c, Sockdmini
31337 (UDP) - Back Orifice, Deep BO
31338 Back Orifice, Butt Funnel, NetSpy (DK)
31338 (UDP) - Deep BO
31339 NetSpy (DK)
31666 BOWhack
31785 Hack´a´Tack
31787 Hack´a´Tack
31788 Hack´a´Tack
31789 (UDP) - Hack´a´Tack
31790 Hack´a´Tack
31791 (UDP) - Hack´a´Tack
31792 Hack´a´Tack
32001 Donald Dick
32100 Peanut Brittle, Project nEXT
32418 Acid Battery
33270 Trinity
33333 Blakharaz, Prosiak
33577 Son of PsychWard
33777 Son of PsychWard
33911 Spirit 2000, Spirit 2001
34324 Big Gluck, TN
34444 Donald Dick
34555 (UDP) - Trinoo (for Windows)
35555 (UDP) - Trinoo (for Windows)
37237 Mantis
37651 Yet Another Trojan - YAT
40412 The Spy
40421 Agent 40421, Masters Paradise
40422 Masters Paradise
40423 Masters Paradise
40425 Masters Paradise
40426 Masters Paradise
41337 Storm
41666 Remote Boot Tool - RBT, Remote Boot Tool - RBT
44444 Prosiak
44575 Exploiter
47262 (UDP) - Delta Source
49301 OnLine KeyLogger
50130 Enterprise
50505 Sockets des Troie
50766 Fore, Schwindler
51966 Cafeini
52317 Acid Battery 2000
53001 Remote Windows Shutdown - RWS
54283 SubSeven, SubSeven 2.1 Gold
54320 Back Orifice 2000
54321 Back Orifice 2000, School Bus
55165 File Manager trojan, File Manager trojan, WM Trojan Generator
55166 WM Trojan Generator
57341 NetRaider
58339 Butt Funnel
60000 Deep Throat, Foreplay, Sockets des Troie
60001 Trinity
60068 Xzip 6000068
60411 Connection
61348 Bunker-Hill
61466 TeleCommando
61603 Bunker-Hill
63485 Bunker-Hill
64101 Taskman
65000 Devil, Sockets des Troie, Stacheldraht
65390 Eclypse
65421 Jade
65432 The Traitor (= th3tr41t0r)
65432 (UDP) - The Traitor (= th3tr41t0r)
65534 /sbin/initd
65535 RC1 trojan

So Remove is manually..if AV not work

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