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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Google Tricks / Hacks

Everyone knows google in the security sector...and what a powerful tool it is,just by entering certain search strings you can gain a vast amount of knowledgeand information of your chosen target...often revealing sensitive data...thisis all down to badly configured systems...brought on by sloppy administrationallowing directory indexing and accessing , password files , log entrys ,files , paths ,etc , etc
Search Tips
so how do we start ?
the common search inputs below will give you an idea...for instance if youwant to search for the an index of "root"
in the search box put in exactly as you see it below

Search Strings :

"Index of /admin"
"Index of /password"
"Index of /mail"
"Index of /" +passwd
"Index of /" +password.txt
"Index of /" +.htaccess
index of ftp +.mdb allinurl:/cgi-bin/ +mailto

filetype:config web
gobal.asax index

allintitle: "index of/admin"
allintitle: "index of/root"
allintitle: sensitive filetype:doc
allintitle: restricted filetype :mail
allintitle: restricted filetype:doc site:gov

inurl:passwd filetype:txt
inurl:admin filetype:db

top secret site:mil
top secret site:mil
confidential site:mil

allinurl: winnt/system32/ (get cmd.exe)

intitle:"Index of" .sh_history
intitle:"Index of" .bash_history
intitle:"index of" passwd
intitle:"index of" people.lst
intitle:"index of" pwd.db
intitle:"index of" etc/shadow
intitle:"index of" spwd
intitle:"index of" master.passwd
intitle:"index of" htpasswd
intitle:"index of" members OR accounts
intitle:"index of" user_carts OR user_cart

Let me show how it works.

1# Enter the search string in the search box of google.

2# Now we check search results one by one .

Here we see a live traffic cam installed somewhere in US

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Find IP's Location

Here you can find the geographical location ie. country, region, city, latitude, longitude, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP and domain name using a proprietary ip address lookup database and technology without invading Internet user's privacy.

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Live Chat Addon for Current Visiting webpage

Found a Cool Real Time Chatting Addon for firefox (-:

this is

Install it....make a Profile on it (-:
and you ready to goto (-:

whenever you visit any web site and who ever visiting on tht webpage and if he/she has this addon installed you able to chat them (-:

Like you visiting OUG....all tht has this Addon installed..U able to chat them...(-:

So lets start a Live Chating Guyz & Gals (-:
u r also able to invite frnds and put a DP (-:

itz cool let make it try (-:

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