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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A new look for orkut emails

We are constantly working to make your orkut experience better, and while this includes adding new, useful features on the site, like new search features and support for applications, it also includes improving your experience when you are not logged-in to Recently we released a better orkut experience for your smartphone, and now you'll see snazzier emails from orkut.

We decided it was time to change our emails to give them a look and feel more like pages. We started by giving a new look to the emails that are associated with orkut's most popular features: scrap alerts, testimonials, friend requests, photo tagging, crushes and teaser alerts, as well as the emails for social events, which is a brand new feature.

Now, you will be able to feel like you're inside orkut even before you click the links sent in our e-mails.

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Do You Have Addiction Of Blogging

Got Socked? So Was I.. I didn't know this fact too, that was horrifying for me too. if my parents would know this, they will just kill me I think i should give less time to blogging. What Do you say guys?

Before you start laughing at me, Click Here to check you Addiction You must be astonished.

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