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Thursday, February 28, 2008 - Check Your Scraps Without Logging into Orkut

orkutFeeds is a free service started by our friends over at Devils Workshop. This service allows an orkut member to keep track of any scrapbook on orkut without the need of logging in. If you are a regular reader of Orkut Plus!, then you must have used a similar service by ngcoders, which allowed tracking of any scrapbook with a similar procedure. NgCoders had recently removed this feature and all the support. Head over to the website and keep a track on your scraps without the need of logging into orkut.

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Hack Is Back - Add More Than 1000 Friends on Orkut

Thanks to Orkut's New Feature - Manage Friends, members having over 1000 friends can accept friend requests. This is a possible bug since members having reached the limit cannot add more friends. You can always invite others to add you and then accept their request.

How others can add me as their friend?

It is evident that you cannot send an add request if you have reached the 1000 friends limit. You can always request others to add you though.

Here are the step by step instructions which they should follow:

  • Enter email addresses to add as friend
  • Enter the Captcha
  • Submit

How Do i Accept Friend requests - I Have Reached The Limit?

  • Just choose the category and click yes to add as your friend. :o)

Note: Don't expect this bug to stay forever. This can be fixed anytime. On a positive note, this bug may no longer be a bug in future. Orkut is planning remove the friend limit in near future.

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Impersonation + Obscene Pics + Vulgar Posts in Orkut Forums gets a Youth Arrested

To make it simple - If any loser on orkut is harassing you by faking your identity or associating Obscene pictures against your name or is posting vulgar messages or your real phone number on orkut forums, then you can get them arrested and believe me they deserve nothing less.

DNA - India :
Chandigarh police on Thursday arrested a youth on the charge of posting obscene material, including pictures, on a woman’s profile on Orkut without her knowledge, a police spokesperson said here.

Jatinder Singh Marok, a process executive in tech firm in Mohali, was arrested under section 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000, after the girl lodged a case against him.

The girl, who is also a resident of Mohali, was getting telephone calls from men after her profile with pornographic photos of some other girl, but carrying her name and phone number, appeared in the profile section of Orkut, police said. The girl then approached the cyber crime cell of the Chandigarh police. Marok was arrested after the police painstakingly collected digital evidence, said the police. The accused is being interrogated - read more

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Orkut Scrapbook in iGoogle - Google Gadget

You can easily add orkut in your personalized Google homepage. Add "Orkut Scrap" - Google Gadget - Click Here to Add

There are various other Orkut Gadgets available. Here is a comprehensive list of Orkut Gadgets for your Google homepage. Orkut Birthday Gadget is one of the best gadget for orkut.

Useful Links

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Orkutting Safer than Ever - Surf with Javascript Turned Off

This is an amazing script which allows an orkut user to surf orkut with javascript disabled. I came across a couple of posts 1,2 where orkut members have shown their concern over the extensive use of javascripts which are always a suspicious case since they are 'executable' without the consent of the 'profile owner'. To curb this problem, this post would tip the full proof solution to block the automation of javascripts in your scrapbook.

Works With: Firefox | Most of the scripts work with Firefox. In case you don't have it installed, you can download Firefox from the left sidebar "Must Download" Section if you wish to.

Orkut Security - Surf Orkut Without Javascript

  • Install Grease Monkey in case you don't have it - Click Here
  • Install Orkut Security - Click Here
  • In case you have any problems downloading or operating these scripts, you must read this tutorial.

Note - Turning of javascript will reduce orkut functionality but will guarantee your safety on orkut.

FlashBlock Addon for Firefox

Useful Links

  • Userscript 'Orkut Security' - Install
  • FlashBlock, Firefox Addon - Install

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Take a pic of you from your monitor screen


Hope dat you will be fyn.

just log on to

THANX..... waiting 4 comments

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Play Online Music

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Managing your friends (online)

Do you have a lot of friends on orkut? Do you sometimes want to find all your school friends, send a message to all your co-workers, or check out your best friends' karma?

Friend groups have been on orkut for some time now, but we're now making them more accessible throughout the site to make it easier for you to create new groups or add new friends to them. Here's what's changed: when you add a new friend or accept a friend request, you can now select which group(s) you want to add them to. You can also modify these groups (rename them, remove them or add new ones) either when you add or accept a friend, or on the friend management page. And we've turned friendship levels into groups for you, so that you can send messages to all your best friends, or see all the friends on orkut that you haven't met offline yet.

If you're not sure what groups to create, we've made a few default groups to get you started. This will make it easier to categorize your friends. You can always change the name of these groups if they don't suit your particular need.

We're also planning on a bunch of new features so you can use your groups to make the orkut experience more tuned to your needs. Stay tuned!

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orkut trends: The State of orkuters

A question came up in the orkut trends community: What is the distribution of orkut users among the different states in the US? Here's a peek into where US orkuters come from.

All 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are represented. The #1 state is my adopted home (and
that of so many other US Googlers), California, with 20% of US orkuters. Next comes the great state of New York (11%), and then two southern states, Florida (8%) and Texas (7%).

In fifth place was Massachusetts, the home of my alma mater, MIT. This state's name had the distinction of being spelled the most
incorrect ways by our users. Misspellings including: massachussets, massachussetts, massachusets, massachusettes, massachustes and even massachuster. (I confess to using spell-check to get the right spelling although I resided there for ten years. I guess what they say about engineers and their lack of English skills may be true.)

Rounding out the top ten were New Jersey -- referred to by some as "Joisey" -- at 6%, my home state of Illinois (4%), Georgia (2.5%), Pennsylvania (2.5%) and Virginia (2.4%). Other states making up more than 1% of our US user base were Washington (2.3%), Michigan (2%), Ohio (2%), Connecticut (1.9%), Maryland (1.7%), North Carolina (1.6%), Arizona (1.4%), Minnesota (1.1%), and Colorado (1%). Least represented were the sparsely populated states of North Dakota (.07%), South Dakota (.07%), and Wyoming (.06%).

I was intrigued by the number of US orkuteers residing in "states" which I had never heard of.
One such state is Fakelandia (4555 residents) and its presumed capital Fakecity (158). I was disappointed that there were more residents of Hell (367) and Inferno (356) than of Heaven (135). I would enjoy visiting the residents of the magical states of Disney (346) and Hogwarts (247), or the neighbors of the fictional Simpsons in Springfield (175). While I have spent many happy hours observing Sim City, unlike 107 orkut users, I do not reside there.

Until next time, may your state be a happy one!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

23 Ways To Speed WinXP, Not only Defrag

Since defragging the disk won't do much to improve Windows XP performance, here are 23 suggestions that will. Each can enhance the performance and reliability of your customers' PCs. Best of all, most of them will cost you nothing.1.) To decrease a system's boot time and increase system performance, use the money you save by not buying defragmentation software -- the built-in Windows defragmenter works just fine -- and instead equip the computer with an Ultra-133 or Serial ATA hard drive with 8-MB cache buffer.2.) If a PC has less than 512 MB of RAM, add more memory. This is a relatively inexpensive and easy upgrade that can dramatically improve system performance.3.) Ensure that Windows XP is utilizing the NTFS file system. If you're not sure, here's how to check: First, double-click the My Computer icon, right-click on the C: Drive, then select Properties. Next, examine the File System type; if it says FAT32, then back-up any important data. Next, click Start, click Run, type CMD, and then click OK. At the prompt, type CONVERT C: /FS:NTFS and press the Enter key. This process may take a while; it's important that the computer be uninterrupted and virus-free. The file system used by the bootable drive will be either FAT32 or NTFS. I highly recommend NTFS for its superior security, reliability, and efficiency with larger disk drives.4.) Disable file indexing. The indexing service extracts information from documents and other files on the hard drive and creates a "searchable keyword index." As you can imagine, this process can be quite taxing on any system.The idea is that the user can search for a word, phrase, or property inside a document, should they have hundreds or thousands of documents and not know the file name of the document they want. Windows XP's built-in search functionality can still perform these kinds of searches without the Indexing service. It just takes longer. The OS has to open each file at the time of the request to help find what the user is looking for.Most people never need this feature of search. Those who do are typically in a large corporate environment where thousands of documents are located on at least one server. But if you're a typical system builder, most of your clients are small and medium businesses. And if your clients have no need for this search feature, I recommend disabling it.Here's how: First, double-click the My Computer icon. Next, right-click on the C: Drive, then select Properties. Uncheck "Allow Indexing Service to index this disk for fast file searching." Next, apply changes to "C: subfolders and files," and click OK. If a warning or error message appears (such as "Access is denied"), click the Ignore All button.5.) Update the PC's video and motherboard chipset drivers. Also, update and configure the BIOS. For more information on how to configure your BIOS properly, see this article on my site.6.) Empty the Windows Prefetch folder every three months or so. Windows XP can "prefetch" portions of data and applications that are used frequently. This makes processes appear to load faster when called upon by the user. That's fine. But over time, the prefetch folder may become overloaded with references to files and applications no longer in use. When that happens, Windows XP is wasting time, and slowing system performance, by pre-loading them. Nothing critical is in this folder, and the entire contents are safe to delete.7.) Once a month, run a disk cleanup. Here's how: Double-click the My Computer icon. Then right-click on the C: drive and select Properties. Click the Disk Cleanup button -- it's just to the right of the Capacity pie graph -- and delete all temporary files.8.) In your Device Manager, double-click on the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers device, and ensure that DMA is enabled for each drive you have connected to the Primary and Secondary controller. Do this by double-clicking on Primary IDE Channel. Then click the Advanced Settings tab. Ensure the Transfer Mode is set to "DMA if available" for both Device 0 and Device 1. Then repeat this process with the Secondary IDE Channel.9.) Upgrade the cabling. As hard-drive technology improves, the cabling requirements to achieve these performance boosts have become more stringent. Be sure to use 80-wire Ultra-133 cables on all of your IDE devices with the connectors properly assigned to the matching Master/Slave/Motherboard sockets. A single device must be at the end of the cable; connecting a single drive to the middle connector on a ribbon cable will cause signaling problems. With Ultra DMA hard drives, these signaling problems will prevent the drive from performing at its maximum potential. Also, because these cables inherently support "cable select," the location of each drive on the cable is important. For these reasons, the cable is designed so drive positioning is explicitly clear.10.) Remove all spyware from the computer. Use free programs such as AdAware by Lavasoft or SpyBot Search & Destroy. Once these programs are installed, be sure to check for and download any updates before starting your search. Anything either program finds can be safely removed. Any free software that requires spyware to run will no longer function once the spyware portion has been removed; if your customer really wants the program even though it contains spyware, simply reinstall it. For more information on removing Spyware visit this Web Pro News page.11.) Remove any unnecessary programs and/or items from Windows Startup routine using the MSCONFIG utility. Here's how: First, click Start, click Run, type MSCONFIG, and click OK. Click the StartUp tab, then uncheck any items you don't want to start when Windows starts. Unsure what some items are? Visit the WinTasks Process Library. It contains known system processes, applications, as well as spyware references and explanations. Or quickly identify them by searching for the filenames using Google or another Web search engine.12.) Remove any unnecessary or unused programs from the Add/Remove Programs section of the Control Panel.13.) Turn off any and all unnecessary animations, and disable active desktop. In fact, for optimal performance, turn off all animations. Windows XP offers many different settings in this area. Here's how to do it: First click on the System icon in the Control Panel. Next, click on the Advanced tab. Select the Settings button located under Performance. Feel free to play around with the options offered here, as nothing you can change will alter the reliability of the computer -- only its responsiveness.14.) If your customer is an advanced user who is comfortable editing their registry, try some of the performance registry tweaks offered at Tweak XP.15.) Visit Microsoft's Windows update site regularly, and download all updates labeled Critical. Download any optional updates at your discretion.16.) Update the customer's anti-virus software on a weekly, even daily, basis. Make sure they have only one anti-virus software package installed. Mixing anti-virus software is a sure way to spell disaster for performance and reliability.17.) Make sure the customer has fewer than 500 type fonts installed on their computer. The more fonts they have, the slower the system will become. While Windows XP handles fonts much more efficiently than did the previous versions of Windows, too many fonts -- that is, anything over 500 -- will noticeably tax the system.18.) Do not partition the hard drive. Windows XP's NTFS file system runs more efficiently on one large partition. The data is no safer on a separate partition, and a reformat is never necessary to reinstall an operating system. The same excuses people offer for using partitions apply to using a folder instead. For example, instead of putting all your data on the D: drive, put it in a folder called "D drive." You'll achieve the same organizational benefits that a separate partition offers, but without the degradation in system performance. Also, your free space won't be limited by the size of the partition; instead, it will be limited by the size of the entire hard drive. This means you won't need to resize any partitions, ever. That task can be time-consuming and also can result in lost data.19.) Check the system's RAM to ensure it is operating properly. I recommend using a free program called MemTest86. The download will make a bootable CD or diskette (your choice), which will run 10 extensive tests on the PC's memory automatically after you boot to the disk you created. Allow all tests to run until at least three passes of the 10 tests are completed. If the program encounters any errors, turn off and unplug the computer, remove a stick of memory (assuming you have more than one), and run the test again. Remember, bad memory cannot be repaired, but only replaced.20.) If the PC has a CD or DVD recorder, check the drive manufacturer's Web site for updated firmware. In some cases you'll be able to upgrade the recorder to a faster speed. Best of all, it's free.21.) Disable unnecessary services. Windows XP loads a lot of services that your customer most likely does not need. To determine which services you can disable for your client, visit the Black Viper site for Windows XP configurations.22.) If you're sick of a single Windows Explorer window crashing and then taking the rest of your OS down with it, then follow this tip: open My Computer, click on Tools, then Folder Options. Now click on the View tab. Scroll down to "Launch folder windows in a separate process," and enable this option. You'll have to reboot your machine for this option to take effect.23.) At least once a year, open the computer's cases and blow out all the dust and debris. While you're in there, check that all the fans are turning properly. Also inspect the motherboard capacitors for bulging or leaks. For more information on this leaking-capacitor phenomena, you can read numerous articles on my site.Following any of these suggestions should result in noticeable improvements to the performance and reliability of your customers' computers. If you still want to defrag a disk, remember that the main benefit will be to make your data more retrievable in the event of a crashed drive.

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20 Google Secrets

20 Great Google Secrets,4149,1306756,00.aspexcl.gif No Active Links, Read the Rules - Edit by Ninja excl.gifGoogle is clearly the best general-purpose search engine on the Web ( most people don't use it to its best advantage. Do you just plug in a keyword or two and hope for the best? That may be the quickest way to search, but with more than 3 billion pages in Google's index, it's still a struggle to pare results to a manageable number.But Google is an remarkably powerful tool that can ease and enhance your Internet exploration. Google's search options go beyond simple keywords, the Web, and even its own programmers. Let's look at some of Google's lesser-known options.Syntax Search TricksUsing a special syntax is a way to tell Google that you want to restrict your searches to certain elements or characteristics of Web pages. Google has a fairly complete list of its syntax elements Here are some advanced operators that can help narrow down your search results.Intitle: at the beginning of a query word or phrase (intitle:"Three Blind Mice") restricts your search results to just the titles of Web pages.Intext: does the opposite of intitle:, searching only the body text, ignoring titles, links, and so forth. Intext: is perfect when what you're searching for might commonly appear in URLs. If you're looking for the term HTML, for example, and you don't want to get results such, you can enter intext:html.Link: lets you see which pages are linking to your Web page or to another page you're interested in. For example, try typing inlink:http://www.pcmag.comTry using site: (which restricts results to top-level domains) with intitle: to find certain types of pages. For example, get scholarly pages about Mark Twain by searching for intitle:"Mark Twain"site:edu. Experiment with mixing various elements; you'll develop several strategies for finding the stuff you want more effectively. The site: command is very helpful as an alternative to the mediocre search engines built into many sites.Swiss Army GoogleGoogle has a number of services that can help you accomplish tasks you may never have thought to use Google for. For example, the new calculator feature( you do both math and a variety of conversions from the search box. For extra fun, try the query "Answer to life the universe and everything."Let Google help you figure out whether you've got the right spelling—and the right word—for your search. Enter a misspelled word or phrase into the query box (try "thre blund mise") and Google may suggest a proper spelling. This doesn't always succeed; it works best when the word you're searching for can be found in a dictionary. Once you search for a properly spelled word, look at the results page, which repeats your query. (If you're searching for "three blind mice," underneath the search window will appear a statement such as Searched the web for "three blind mice.") You'll discover that you can click on each word in your search phrase and get a definition from a dictionary.Suppose you want to contact someone and don't have his phone number handy. Google can help you with that, too. Just enter a name, city, and state. (The city is optional, but you must enter a state.) If a phone number matches the listing, you'll see it at the top of the search results along with a map link to the address. If you'd rather restrict your results, use rphonebook: for residential listings or bphonebook: for business listings. If you'd rather use a search form for business phone listings, try Yellow Search( GooglingGoogle offers several services that give you a head start in focusing your search. Google Groups( literally millions of messages from decades of discussion on Usenet. Google even helps you with your shopping via two tools: FroogleCODE(,which indexes products from online stores, and Google CatalogsCODE(,which features products from more 6,000 paper catalogs in a searchable index. And this only scratches the surface. You can get a complete list of Google's tools and services're probably used to using Google in your browser. But have you ever thought of using Google outside your browser?Google Alert( your search terms and e-mails you information about new additions to Google's Web index. (Google Alert is not affiliated with Google; it uses Google's Web services API to perform its searches.) If you're more interested in news stories than general Web content, check out the beta version of Google News Alerts( service (which is affiliated with Google) will monitor up to 50 news queries per e-mail address and send you information about news stories that match your query. (Hint: Use the intitle: and source: syntax elements with Google News to limit the number of alerts you get.)Google on the telephone? Yup. This service is brought to you by the folks at Google Labs(,a place for experimental Google ideas and features (which may come and go, so what's there at this writing might not be there when you decide to check it out). With Google Voice Search(,you dial the Voice Search phone number, speak your keywords, and then click on the indicated link. Every time you say a new search term, the results page will refresh with your new query (you must have JavaScript enabled for this to work). Remember, this service is still in an experimental phase, so don't expect 100 percent success.In 2002, Google released the Google API (application programming interface), a way for programmers to access Google's search engine results without violating the Google Terms of Service. A lot of people have created useful (and occasionally not-so-useful but interesting) applications not available from Google itself, such as Google Alert. For many applications, you'll need an API key, which is available free See the figures for two more examples, and more.Thanks to its many different search properties, Google goes far beyond a regular search engine. Give the tricks in this article a try. You'll be amazed at how many different ways Google can improve your Internet searching.Online Extra: More Google TipsHere are a few more clever ways to tweak your Google searches.Search Within a TimeframeDaterange: (start date–end date). You can restrict your searches to pages that were indexed within a certain time period. Daterange: searches by when Google indexed a page, not when the page itself was created. This operator can help you ensure that results will have fresh content (by using recent dates), or you can use it to avoid a topic's current-news blizzard and concentrate only on older results. Daterange: is actually more useful if you go elsewhere to take advantage of it, because daterange: requires Julian dates, not standard Gregorian dates. You can find converters on the Web (such asCODE No Active Links, Read the Rules - Edit by Ninja excl.gif), but an easier way is to do a Google daterange: search by filling in a form or If one special syntax element is good, two must be better, right? Sometimes. Though some operators can't be mixed (you can't use the link: operator with anything else) many can be, quickly narrowing your results to a less overwhelming number.More Google API offers three tools based on the Google API. The Google API Web Search by Host (GAWSH) lists the Web hosts of the results for a given query( you click on the triangle next to each host, you get a list of results for that host. The Google API Relation Browsing Outliner (GARBO) is a little more complicated: You enter a URL and choose whether you want pages that related to the URL or linked to the URL( on the triangle next to an URL to get a list of pages linked or related to that particular URL. CapeMail is an e-mail search application that allows you to send an e-mail to with the text of your query in the subject line and get the first ten results for that query back. Maybe it's not something you'd do every day, but if your cell phone does e-mail and doesn't do Web browsing, this is a very handy address to know.

Websites like ipowerweb is very popular for providing cheap host services. Another leading name in web development is the name of website hostgator. You just need a computer and a dsl connection and the remaining all infrastructures will be provided by hosting services.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Valentine Special Greetings For Your Love Onces

To Send Above Greetings To Your Love Onces Via Scrap on Orkut Please Visit OFF Club (HTML Section)

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Orkut Just Got More Safer - Confirmation Before Navigating to External Links

Wow! This is one of the best updates on orkut if we look at it from the security point of view. Orkut now asks for a confirmation if you click on a link that is non orkut, google affiliated. This is an awesome step considering the loop holes which were being discovered now and then on orkut which posed a serious threat to the security of the members.

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Upload Multiple Images - Awesome New Feature

If you always wondered uploading 100 pics on orkut would consume an hell lot of time then here is some fantastic news. Orkut has introduced a new feature which allows you to upload multiple pics in a single click. So no more clicking, choosing and uploading individual images.

How to Upload Multiple Pics in One Click?

Does not work in Firefox. Use Internet Explorer to Use This Feature

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New Update - Your Last Login Details

Most of you must have noticed this update. Orkut has just rolled out this feature that displays your last login details on your homepage. As an obvious guess, i feel this is another security related update which can help members track unauthorized account usage aka account hijacking issues. Since members can now track their account activity, this will surely help in avoiding and reducing account hijacking issues.

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Content Privacy in Communities - Block Non Members from Viewing Your Community Topics

Community owners get more powers. They can now choose who gets to see the community topics and discussions. They can now block non-community members from viewing the content of the community. If we think optimistically, reputed communities can block non-members from viewing their content. This can lead to a surge of new members in the community if the owners use it wisely.

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Enter Moive's Name & Get That

dis is an advanced custom search engine of google..
made by someone

got frm one of the communty..

just enter the name of movie and download it..
choice is urs whether u want to download through torrent or direct download sites..


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Create a Private Community

A wise man once said "Privacy is the condition of being left alone, out of public view, and in control of information that is known about you." Here at orkut, we're keeping up with your requests for additional privacy controls. We recently added new features that allow orkuteers to limit viewership of photos, videos, testimonials and scrapbook to friends. Based on your feedback, we've decided to go even further to empower the owners of communities to choose whether to make their community content private or public. The additional privacy control we've added allows you to make your community an enclosed entity so that you can discuss whatever you want within its walls (of course, content must abide by orkut community standards and policies), resting assured that only members can view your discussions, forums, and events.

Have you ever thought of creating a community poll like "Who is the best teacher at your school?", but stopped yourself from doing it because the teachers might actually see it? Or perhaps you wanted to create a community to keep in touch with family, but didn't want to share your family events and posts with the whole orkut community? While communities are a great place to meet new people who share your interests, we understand that the current structure of communities sometimes makes it difficult to have intimate discussions with a select group of people. We hope that the introduction of private communities will fill this need.

So go ahead and create your communities, and use the privacy setting that fits your needs!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Talk,Chat to God

Talk,Chat to God

Talk,Chat to God in scrapbook- Real

Just Copy Paste The Code In your scrapbook

< width=650 height=650>

You Also Go Here To Talk To god.

Its Really Amazing ..... Must Check It Out.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Send Links Without Captcha in Orkut

Well, i am not amused but many of the thousands will be after reading this post. Orkut Brains just discovered a way out to send links without filling in any captcha (word verification). Unfortunately, this means more spam on orkut.

Note : We already notified orkut about this flaw.

How to send links without the headache of filling captcha?

Note: 'http://' wont work. 'www' works flawlessly

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Orkut User Happiness Survey - Tell Them What You Think of Orkut?

Orkut User Happiness Survey - Tell Them What You Think of Orkut?

Orkut is requesting your valuable feedback. They are now conducting an orkut user happiness survey . You can participate in the survey by navigating to this link and tell them what you think of orkut.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Create Your Own Icons In Paint

Create Your Own Icons In Paint

1.Launch Paint from the All Programs | Accessories menu.

2.Pull down the Image menu and select the Attributes command.

3.In the Attributes dialog box, type 32 in both the Width and Height boxes and click OK.

4.To make the image easier to work with, click the Magnifier tool and select the level 8 magnification setting.

5.Press [Ctrl]G to add gridlines.

6.Use the tools and colors to create your icon.

7.Press [Ctrl]S and save the file with an ICO extension.

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