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Monday, August 25, 2008

orkut SMS Scrap Available In India, Silly Bugs Found

Some time ago, orkut launched their mobile version and recently they added SMS as a way to communicate in India. Though orkut has launched the SMS feature in India, it does not include Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL that eat up the bigger pie in the mobile market.

( TRAI Report for quarter ending January-March 2008)

Now, when you try to register your mobile in the settings page,

it asks you to verify your mobile number by sending the verification code to 56555.

But, when you click on "Having problems?" link, guess what it displays!

It says - "Currently orkut SMS works only in Brazil". That's bug #1. But, it guides you to the orkut help section where it tells about the pricing details for your carrier in India.

Despite of having a Vodafone connection, I tried to register selecting MTNL as carrier and sent the verification code to 56555, I received an SMS saying "This service is not enabled yet" and the very next message was
"Congrats, you now have orkut SMS. Reply with help for more info. Standard charges apply. Reply with "off" to turn off SMS notifications." That's bug #2.

I tried whether it works or not and it does, as I received an SMS notification for a new scrap in my scrapbook as under:-

orkut sms scrap india

Following is the screenshot of the mobile settings page after successfully setting up my mobile number:-

Previously, I had blogged about accessing orkut on mobile (when the xhtml version was not available) and receiving SMS notification for your email (selected operators) before this feature was available.

With these bugs, it seems like a half-baked cake. Moreover, the official orkut blog is silent. Any orkut folk listening?

Update Aug 23, 2008: orkut Team replied on this issue
and now Vodafone is officially supported in mobile settings page.

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