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Monday, April 28, 2008

1-Click Formatting

Here I am posting a great script for text formatting. it modifies your scraps, post and as well testimonials.

  • Screen Shot:

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Think Before Pressing Ctrl+C, You Could Be Hacked.

> Please be very careful when u press Ctrl + C ..

> Here is some useful information for all.

> Ctrl+C may be the most important work we do
> everyday. But it's
> not a very
> safe thing to do. Read on to know why.

> What happens when you press Ctrl+C while you are
> Online... We do
> copy various data by Ctrl + C for copying & pasting
> elsewhere.

> This copied data is stored in clipboard and is
> accessible from
> the net by
> a combination of Javascripts and ASP.

> Just try this:
> 1) Copy any text by Ctrl + C
> 2) Click the Link: <>

> 3) You will see the text you copied was accessed by
> this web
> page.

> Do not keep sensitive data (like passwords, credit
> card numbers,
> PIN etc.)
> in the clipboard while surfing the web. It is
> extremely easy to
> extract
> the text stored in the clipboard to steal your
> sensitive
> information.

See a suggestion from an expert:

> You can stop hacking of clipboard content by doing:

> Go to internet options of explorer -_ tools menu ->
> Internet
> option -> Security Custom level

> In settings - Select disable under allow past
> operations via
> script.

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News: Log in to Facebook, Orkut offline

WASHINGTON: You may soon be able to chat with your Facebook and Orkut friends even without an Internet connection, for scientists have developed an application that may make it possible to network, chat, or share files without Internet access.

Researchers at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have come up with an application that may make it possible to chat and even play collaborative games with friends who also have installed the application.

There are two components to the application, dubbed “Peersonalizer,” a Facebook application and a module inside the free, downloadable WiPeer software.

WiPeer makes direct wireless (WiFi) communication between computers possible -- without intermediary devices such as Internet routers -- at distances of up to 900 ft. Peersonalizer uses technology that can also be applied to other social networking sites such as Orkut, MySpace, Friendster and LinkedIn.

Lead researcher Professor Roy Friedman said that the technology could also be eventually used with WiFi-enabled mobile phones, such as the iPhone.

“This application takes social networking to another level,” said Friedman.

“Peersonalizer demonstrates that Internet-based social networks can serve as complementary mechanisms -- rather than replacements -- to social and business life,” he added.

The application has been developed by two Technion Faculty of Computer Science students, Lior Biran and Tomer Einav, under the supervision of Friedman and PhD students Vadim Drabkin and Gabi Kliot.

For online degree you can apply in a number of universities like University of Phoenix. You can also select the university on the basis of fee structure like if you feel that fee structure of Kaplan University is good then you can get admission in it. Similarly, you can compare other universities like DeVry University or another online degree offering university.

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Unlimited Time In Internet Cafe

Alright Ladies And Hostile Men, Were Gonna Learn How To Disable The Timer On The Computers On In Internet Cafe's. Alright Create A New Text Document, Than Type CMD In It, And Than Save It As a Batch File, And Than Run The New Batch File On Your Desktop. Than Command Prompt Should Open, Now You Type "cd\windows" to change the directory to Windows, than type in "regedit" to get to the registry editor gui, than navigate to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Appevents>
software>classes> micr osoft>windows>current version>internet settings>policies>system" than on the right pane where it says Disable Taskmanager, right click on it, and scroll down to modify, and than change the value of it to "0", and than open Windows Task Manager By Holding Down These Keys, "CTRL+ALT+DEL/DELETE" And Than Disable The Internet Cafe's Timer, And WoohLAH, UNLIMTED TIME.

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