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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Galileo 'compromise' is emerging

Giove-A being tested (Esa/SSTL)
So far, only demonstrator technology has been launched
The European Commission has put forward a new tendering process for the stalled Galileo satellite-navigation project.

No one company will be allowed to win more than two of the six segments of work offered to build the system.

The commission hopes the arrangement will pacify countries such as Germany which wants assurances about the distribution of industrial contracts.

Germany has been holding out against a refinancing of Galileo, which is likely to cost close to 4bn euros (£3bn).

Galileo's planned network of 30 satellites will beam radio signals to receiving devices on the ground, helping users pinpoint their locations and know the precise time. The European system's technologies promise greater accuracy and reliability than is afforded by the current American network (GPS) alone.

Artist's impression of Galileo constellation, Esa
A European Commission and European Space Agency project
30 satellites to be launched in batches by end of 2011-12
Will work alongside US GPS and Russian Glonass systems
Promises real-time positioning down to less than a metre
Guaranteed under all but most extreme circumstances
Suitable for safety-critical roles where lives depend on service

But Galileo has been beset with industrial and political squabbling across EU member states, and its timeline has repeatedly slipped as a result. A private consortium charged with building two-thirds of the network collapsed earlier this year, and now the commission is trying to rescue Galileo using public funds.

However, its suggestion of using unused agricultural and administrative funds from within the EU's budget has been opposed by a number of countries - notably Germany.

Friday's new proposal aims to ensure fair competition in the bidding for new contracts, and the German transport Ministry welcomed it as an acceptable compromise.

A large order for spacecraft must be placed very soon with contractors if Galileo is to keep to its present 2011-12 target for full operational deployment.

A final decision on funding could come from the EU leaders at a mid-December summit in Brussels.

"If we don't have a clear agreement before the end of the year, then this would mean that we will have to put an end to our efforts because this would be clearly too late," a spokesman for EU Transport Commissioner Jacques Barrot said.

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Deal signed for 'super-satellite'

Alphasat concept (Astrium)
The Alphasat I-XL spacecraft will probably fly in 2013
British engineers have been asked to build the payload for what will become one of the biggest commercial telecoms satellites ever launched.

London-based Inmarsat has signed a contract with industrialists to construct the Alphasat I-XL mission.

The six-tonne satellite will deliver high-bandwidth services, such as mobile internet, to Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

It will have five times the capacity of current space platforms.

Inmarsat will use Alphasat I-XL to support its huge I-4 satellites, which deliver the company's global broadband network, BGan.

The spacecraft allow people to set up virtual offices anywhere around the world - on land or at sea. Users get half-a-megabit connections through small, laptop-sized terminals. Customers include business travellers, disaster relief workers, journalists, and people in the petrochemical and maritime industries.

World competition

The Alphasat I-XL mission has emerged from a technology programme overseen by the European and French space agencies (Esa and Cnes).

The Alphabus project was set up to develop a next-generation satellite that would allow European industry to compete at the top of the global market - especially with the products coming out of the US aerospace industry.

BBC correspondent Karen Allen files from Chad (BBC)
In certain locations, satellite is the only means of communication
The Alphasat I-XL will be the first spacecraft to be lofted using the Alphabus model. In essence, Inmarsat is the first commercial customer.

The spacecraft will incorporate an advanced new digital signal processor developed by EADS Astrium. The payload, or "brains" of the spacecraft, will be made at the company's Stevenage and Portsmouth centres.

Manufacture of the spacecraft's chassis and final assembly will take place at Astrium's other European facilities - and those of its key partner in the project, Thales Alenia Space.

"This satellite will access additional spectrum and it will be able to supply approximately five times the communications capacity of a single Inmarsat 4 satellite," said Dave Robson from Astrium.

"With advances we've made, we've been able to pack an awful lot more electronics within the existing volume. It is a technology step forward in terms of the brains of the satellite which is built in the UK."

Even bigger

Alphasat I-XL features a 12m aperture antenna reflector. It will have an electrical power of 12kW and a design lifetime of 15 years. The Alphabus model, though, allows for even bigger spacecraft to be made in the future, supporting missions that have a launch mass of more than eight tonnes and 18kW payload power.

These can use novel systems such as ion engines, which are more efficient than chemical thrusters in maintaining the orbit or a spacecraft over extended periods.

With their new technology and greater power, Alphabus-type missions will be able to handle more traffic at higher bandwidths.

"We believe that the new satellite will have better beam-forming capabilities and that, therefore, we should be able to put more capacity into areas; and we should be able to increase speeds," commented Inmarsat spokesman Chris McLaughlin.

"An Inmarsat BGan terminal is the size of a coffee-table book. It may well be that the Alphasat with its new processors will be able to reduce that further."

Although urbanised centres will always have superior wired communications, satellite-delivered services may be the only solution in more remote or temporary locations.

One of the world's most powerful rockets will be needed to launch a satellite of I-XL's size - something comparable to a bus or small truck. As a flagship European mission, the task of lofting Alphasat I-XL may well fall to the European bloc's premier launch vehicle, the Ariane 5 ECA. A flight is being targeted for 2013.

Inmarsat expects its investment in the satellite - excluding insurance - will be in the region of 260m euros (£190m). The Alphabus project represents an expenditure of 440m euros (£320m) by 16 Esa Member States.

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Amazon Kindle sells out on debut

Jeff Bezos, Amazon (AP)
Amazon boss Jeff Bezos unveiled the Kindle device

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader has sold out despite scepticism about whether the device will prove popular.

A notice on the Kindle pages on the Amazon web store said "heavy customer demand" for the device meant it would be out of stock until 3 December.

Since its launch on 19 November the device has been widely examined but opinions about it are mixed.

It has won praise for being easy to use but many have criticised the way it forces people to pay for free content.

Reader reviews

The Kindle device was on sale on the retailer's store soon after Amazon boss Jeff Bezos unveiled it earlier this week. Within hours, reported gadget blog Engadget, the device had sold out prompting Amazon to add a message about stocks being replenished early next month.

So far, Amazon has not said how many Kindle gadgets were available at launch.

Despite this sales success reviews of Kindle on the Amazon site are divided. Overall the gadget has won a rating of 2.5 stars out of five from those who have spent time with it.

Many Amazon reviewers praised its easy to read screen and the size and heft of the device. Owners of it also like the inbuilt Amazon store and the ease with which they can load books and other documents on to it via the EVDO network of US carrier Sprint.

Amazon has remained tight-lipped on whether the gadget will be available outside North America.

But Kindle has won negative press from many other reviewers who were sharply critical of its price, the rights protection technology it used and the surcharges it adds if owners load their own documents on to it.

Joel Johnson, writing for BoingBoing, said the $400 (£194) price tag was simply too high. He also criticised the cost of getting at blogs ($2 per month) newspapers ($15 per month) that can be had for free via the web.

Mr Johnson also wondered why Kindle did not support the widely popular PDF format.

Peter Ha writing for the gadget section of Tech Crunch was impressed by Kindle when he started using it but wondered whether it justified its high price.

Writing on his blog, Nicholas Carr, said the price and copy protections on content downloaded from Amazon were "deal-breakers" and declared that it had a "huge mountain to climb".

Kindle also has some established competition in the form of the Sony PRS 505 Reader, Bookeen Cybook V3 and the iRex Iliad. However, neither gadget has so far won significant success.

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Warning on e-government 'risks'

State opening of Parliament, BBC
Trust in government emerges many different ways says the report
Governments need to do more to ensure they preserve trust as they put more services online, says a report.

Emerging from a European Commission project, it warns that technology could lessen the trust governments have instilled in citizens before now.

Officials must move beyond security measures to reassure people about how they are being treated, it said.

The report comes as the UK government tries to reassure Britons after losing data records for 25 million people.

Trust network

The report was written by a research body, bankrolled by the EC's Information and Society Unit, that is looking at "citizen-centric" e-government.

The cc:eGov unit points out that increasingly technology, often in the form of websites, is the means by which citizens encounter local and central government.

Frank Harris, author of the report, wrote: "People learn to trust others through experience, and through judgement based on both direct and referred experience."

The danger, he warned, was that these interfaces did not engender the same feelings of trust that have emerged via more traditional routes.

He added that to engender trust in electronic channels required much more than the basic requirements of security.

Citizens may not recognise the significance of technical measures, such as encryption, which try to stop criminals eavesdropping while they use a government website.

Instead, he said, more obvious means, such as kite marks or privacy seals, may be needed to reassure people.

He called for the establishment of a clear "pact" between citizens and government that says clearly what will be done with information people hand over, and what happens when data is lost or things go wrong.

As evidence of what form this might take, the report cites the Dutch "e-citizen charter", a 10-point code of conduct the government has pledged to abide by.

Without a mechanism for engendering trust, efforts to drive e-government may struggle, wrote Mr Harris.

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France unveils anti-piracy plan

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, AFP
Sarkozy: "A decisive moment for the future of a civilised internet"
French web users caught pirating movies or music could soon be thrown offline.

Those illegally sharing files will face the loss of their net access thanks to a newly-created anti-piracy body granted the wide-ranging powers.

The anti-piracy body comes out of a deal agreed by France's music and movie makers and its net firms.

The group who brokered the deal said the measures were intended to curb casual piracy rather than tackle large scale pirate groups.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the deal was a "decisive moment for the future of a civilised internet".

Net firms will monitor what their customers are doing and pass on information about persistent pirates to the new independent body. Those identified will get a warning and then be threatened with either being cut off or suspended if they do not stop illegal file-sharing.

The agreement between net firms, record companies, film-makers and government was drawn up by a special committee created to look at the problem of the net and cultural protection.

Denis Olivennes, head of the French chain store FNAC, who chaired the committee said current penalties for piracy - large fines and years in jail - were "totally disproportionate" for those young people who do file-share illegally.

In return for agreeing to monitor net use, film-makers agreed to speed up the transfer of movies to DVD and music firms pledged to support DRM-free tracks on music stores.

The deal was hailed by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents the global interests of the music business.

"This is the single most important initiative to help win the war on online piracy that we have seen so far," it said in a statement.

French consumer group UFC Que Choisir was more cautious.

It said the agreement was "very tough, potentially destructive of freedom, anti-economic and against digital history".

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Young warned over social websites

Laptop computer
An ICO website aims to help young people protect personal details
Millions of young people could damage their future careers with the details about themselves they post on social networking websites, a watchdog warns.

The Information Commissioner's Office found more than half of those asked made most of their information public.

Some 71% of 2,000 14 to 21-year-olds said they would not want colleges or employers to do a web search on them before they had removed some material.

The commission said the young needed to be aware of their electronic footprint.

Vetting tool

The ICO also said young people could be putting themselves at risk of identity fraud because of the material they post on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace.

The cost to a person's future can be very high if something undesirable is found
David Smith
Information Commissioner's Office

The data regulator's survey found that two thirds of those questioned accepted as friends on such websites people they did not even know.

Some 60% posted their date of birth, a quarter put their job title and almost one in 10 gave their home address.

ICO deputy commissioner David Smith said: "Many young people are posting content online without thinking about the electronic footprint they leave behind.

"The cost to a person's future can be very high if something undesirable is found by the increasing number of education institutions and employers using the internet as a tool to vet potential students or employees."

'Wise up'

The survey found 95% were concerned about their details being passed on to advertisers or other websites.

There were 54% who cared "a lot" about how their personal information was used.

Mr Smith said: "This shows that when young people are made aware that their details could be being passed between parties - legitimate or unscrupulous - they are worried.

"We have to help teenagers wise up to every aspect of the internet age they're living in. It may be fun but unfortunately it is not the safe space many think it is."

The ICO has launched a new website to help young people understand their information rights.

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Ultra-fast internet needs debated

Mouse and keyboard, Eyewire
Ministers say broadband is not fast enough
Broadband industry leaders are to meet ministers to discuss how to stop the UK dropping into the internet "slow lane".

More than half of all UK homes now have a broadband connection, at an average speed of four megabits a second (Mbps).

But the broadband summit will hear other countries are moving more quickly to build ultra-fast networks that can deliver speeds of as much as 100 Mbps.

Ministers say ultra-fast broadband will be a key to helping UK businesses "innovate, grow and create wealth".

Average speed

"We need to be discussing how we can put this new network into place, because delay could be a barrier to the future success of our economy," said Stephen Timms, minister for competitiveness.

The broadband summit will discuss how industry, government and regulators can make sure Britain gets the next-generation network that will be needed as services like internet video take off.

Copper lines

BT - Britain's biggest broadband provider - has already warned that it may struggle to pay for an ultra-fast network.

But cable company Virgin says it will deliver 50 Mbps broadband by the end of next year - more than twice the maximum speed it currently offers.

Virgin's 50 Mbps service will be available to more than 70% of the 12.5m homes its cable network covers by the end of 2008, the firm said.

The company is not digging up streets or laying new fibre to homes, but is installing new equipment at the hubs and bundling together spare channels on the line.

Most of Britain's broadband access is delivered through existing copper telephone lines, which were never designed to deliver ultra-fast broadband.

BT is due to roll out ADSL2+ in the coming years but speeds will be limited to a maximum of 24 Mbps.

In the US, companies such as Verizon have invested billions of dollars in fibre to the home, providing hundreds of video channels and high-speed broadband.

BT is investing £10bn in speeding up the existing network, which includes some fibre, and will be able to deliver download speeds of 24 Mbps by 2011.

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Joke: The Last Day

Santa walks into a bar and says, "Bartender, give me a shot of the strongest thing you've got."

He takes the shot glass and knocks it back. He then asks for another one and knocks that on back, too. After about five or six of these the bartender decides that he's going to cut the guy off.

Bartender says to Santa, "Hey, what's wrong with you? Did you have a fight with your wife or something?"

Santa sighs and says, "Yeah, after the fight she said that she wasn't going to speak to me for a whole month!"

The bartender, puzzled, says, "Well, what's wrong with that?"

Santa replied, "Well today's the last day!"

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New invisible Character

Copy it b/w "


or Run this script

javascript:prompt("Copy This:","ㅤ");void(0);

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Character Map Code

⊙︿⊙ ⊙ω⊙ ⊙﹏⊙ ⊙△⊙ ⊙‿⊙ o(╥﹏╥)o //(ㄒoㄒ)// {{{(>_<)}}} ~.~ ≧0≦ ^‿^ >‿< ☺ ☹ ☻ ≥ ≤
㌪ ﺕ ټ ヅ ツ ツ ッ ツ ッ シ ジ ッ ツ ヅ ㋡ ㋚ ㋛ ㋞ 〠 ッ ⁀‿ ⁀ 。◕‿◕。 (‧'''‧) ⍨ ☠ ⑆
『 』 〖 〗 〚 〛 〘 〙⁅ ⁆ ◤◢ ▓ ▒ ░ ▒ ▓ █ ■ ▀ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ ▉ ▊ ▋ ▌
☜ ☞ ❤ ❥ ۵ ❦ ❧ ☏ ☎ εїз ♨ ☆ ★ ✰ ⋆ ⁂ ⍣ ✪ ⍟ ✫ ✬ ✭ ✮ ✯ ♦ △ ▲ ● ∵ ∴ ∷ ※ ◙ ◘ ▣ ▤ ▥ ▦ ▩ ▧ ▨ ◈ ▬ ☼ ☀ ⊙ ⊛ ⊝ ⊜ ☯ ☸ ⊕
❉ • ● ○ ¤ ☩ ☢ ☣ º ۭ ❖ ⌖ ¤ 。 ◎ ♂ ♀ ♁ ☿ ☭ ♥ ♠ ♣ ♧ ♤ ♧ ♡ ♬ ♪ ♩ ♭ ♫ ♪ ஐ ღ → ← ↔ ↭ ↮ ↕ ↘ ↙ ↝ ↜ ↞ ↠ ↟ ↡ ► ◄ ▲ ▼ ︾ ︽
《 》 « » ⋖ ⋗ ⋘ ⋙ ❝ ❞ ₪ ۝ ﹌ 〰 ۩ ۞ ▽ ◊ ™  ₣ ℡ ✿ ❀ ❁ ✾ ❂ ✣ ✤ ✥ ✦ ✧ |̲̅<̲̅Θ̲̅>̲̅| ╰☆╮ ╭☆╯ ミ ┇ 囧 ☂ ☁ ☃ ☽ ☾ ☪ ◊ ㄨ
〿 〷 〤 ☑ ☒ ✓ Δ ‽ ¿ ؟ ¡ ❣ ❢ ⍰ ⌨ ☠ ☬ ☫ ♔ ♕ ☮ ✡ ✌ ↺ ↻
Letras, numeros, etc
Ⓐ ค Ą д Å Ā Ă ⓐ ⒜ å ą ɐ ɒ α ὰ ά ẵ _ Ⓑ β ß ც Յ ß ⓑ ⒝ ƀ в ظ _ Ⓒ Ċ Ƈ ㈂ ⓒ ⒞ ¢ ς ƈ ɔ ζ _ Ⓓ Đ Ɗ ⓓ ⒟ ძ ð đ _
Ⓔ Ẹ Ɛ ㈋ € Є ⓔ ⒠ ẹ ế ε э є _ Ⓕ Ŧ Ƒ ㈊ ⓕ ⒡ ғ ƒ ﻬ ƒ _ Ⓖ Ĝ Ɠ Ǥ ⓖ ⒢ פ ɢ ǥ _ Ⓗ Ң Ħ Ҥ ⓗ ⒣ ჩ ң ҥ н ħ ђ _ Ⓘ ⓘ ⒤ ι เ į ï _
Ⓙ ⌡ ქ ⓙ ⒥ Ժ _ Қ Ҝ Ƙ Ǩ ⓚ ⒦ ǩ ƙ κ _ Ⓛ し ㈁ Խ ⓛ ⒧ ﺎ ʟ ℓ _ Ⓜ ㅆ ⓜ ⒨ ผ ฝ м ൬ რ _ Ⓝ Ɲ ⓝ ⒩ ห ৸ ൯ უ ബ സ η й и _
Ⓞ Ơ θ Θ ㄖ ㈇ ⓞ ⒪ ơ φ δ σ ѳ ø _ Ⓟ ㄕ ㄗ ⓟ ק թ ρ P Ք ρ _ Ⓠ ৭ ¶ ⓠ ⒬ _ Ⓡ Я Ʀ ⓡ ⒭

á = ALT+160
â = ALT+131
ä = ALT+132
à = ALT+133
å = ALT+134
ã = ALT+198
é = ALT+130
ê = ALT+136
ë = ALT+137
è = ALT+138
í = ALT+161
î = ALT+140
ï = ALT+139
ì = ALT+141
ó = ALT+162
ô = ALT+147
ö = ALT+148
ò = ALT+149
õ = ALT+228
ú = ALT+163
û = ALT+150
ü = ALT+129
ù = ALT+151
Á = ALT+181
 = ALT+182
Ä = ALT+142
À = ALT+183
Å = ALT+143
à = ALT+199
É = ALT+144
Ê = ALT+210
Ë = ALT+211
È = ALT+212
Í = ALT+214
Î = ALT+215
Ï = ALT+216
Ì = ALT+222
Ó = ALT+224
Ô = ALT+226
Ò = ALT+227
Ö = ALT+153
Õ = ALT+229
Ú = ALT+233
Û = ALT+234
Ü = ALT+154
ý = ALT+236
ÿ = ALT+152
Ý = ALT+237
ñ = ALT+164
Ñ = ALT+165

¡ = Alt+0161
¢ = Alt+0162
£ = Alt+0163
¤ = Alt+0164
¥ = Alt+0165
¦ = Alt+0166
§ = Alt+0167
¨ = Alt+0168
© = Alt+0169
ª = Alt+0170
« = Alt+0171
¬ = Alt+0172
­® = Alt+0174
¯ = Alt+0175
° = Alt+0176
± = Alt+0177
² = Alt+0178
³ = Alt=0179
µ = Alt+0181
¶ = Alt+0182
¹ = Alt+0185
º = Alt+0186
» = Alt+0187
¼ = Alt+0188
½ = Alt+0189
¾ = Alt+0190
¿ = Alt+0191
¬ = ALT+171
« = ALT+174
» = ALT+175
▒ = ALT+177
▓ = ALT+178
Alt + 1= ☺
Alt + 2= ☻
Alt + 3= ♥
Alt + 4= ♦
Alt + 5= ♣
Alt + 6= ♠
Alt + 7= •
Alt + 8= ◘
Alt + 9= ○
Alt + 10= ◙
Alt + 11= ♂
Alt + 12= ♀
Alt + 13= ♪
Alt + 14= ♫
Alt + 15= ☼
Alt + 16= ►
Alt + 17= ◄
Alt + 18= ↕
Alt + 19= ‼
Alt + 20= ¶
Alt + 21= §
Alt + 22= ▬
Alt + 23= ý
Alt + 24= ↑
Alt + 25= ↓
Alt + 26= →
Alt + 27= ←
Alt + 28= ∟
Alt + 29= ↔
Alt + 30= ▲
Alt + 31= ▼
Alt + 32=
Alt + 127= ⌂
Alt + 128= Ç
Alt + 129= ü
Alt + 130= é
Alt + 131= â
Alt + 132= ä
Alt + 133= à
Alt + 134= å
Alt + 135= ç
Alt + 136= ê
Alt + 137= ë
Alt + 138= è
Alt + 139= ï
Alt + 140= ¥
Alt + 141= ì
Alt + 142= Ä
Alt + 143= Å
Alt + 144= É
Alt + 145= æ
Alt + 146= Æ
Alt + 147= ô
Alt + 148= ö
Alt + 149= ò
Alt + 150= û
Alt + 151= ù
Alt + 152= ÿ
Alt + 153= Ö
Alt + 154= Ü
ALT + 241 = ±
ALT + 242 = ‗
ALT + 243 = ¾
ALT + 244 = ¶
ALT + 245 = §
ALT + 246 = ÷
ALT + 247 = ¸
ALT + 248 = °
ALT + 249 = ¨
ALT + 250 = ·
ALT + 251 = ¹
ALT + 252 = ³
ALT + 253 = ²
ALT + 254 = ■
ALT + 255 =
ALT + 256 =
ALT + 257 = ☺
ALT + 258 = ☻
ALT + 259 = ♥
ALT + 260 = ♦
ALT + 261 = ♣
ALT + 262 = ♠
ALT + 263 = •
ALT + 264 = ◘
ALT + 265 = ○
ALT + 266 = ◙
ALT + 267 = ♂
ALT + 268 = ♀
ALT + 269 = ♪
ALT + 270 = ♫

Dear U can find Characters in character map. choose font Lucida Sans Unicode then just select n copy paste.

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Some Font For Orkut

In Reply of topic or scrapbook write your msg then copy any script or paste in url bar hit enter n submit

Font Changer

javascript:var txt=document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0];txt.value=txt.value.replace(/A/gi,"Å");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/B/gi,"ß");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/C/gi,"©");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/D/gi,"Ð");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/E/gi,"Ë");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/F/gi,"ƒ");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/i/gi,"î");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/s/gi,"§");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/o/gi,"ø");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/u/gi,"µ");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/r/gi,"®");void(0);

Another Font Changer

javascript:var txt=document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0];txt.value=txt.value.replace(/A/gi,"Å");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/B/gi,"ß");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/C/gi,"©");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/D/gi,"Ð");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/E/gi,"Ë");

Rainbow Colored Msg

javascript:cor=new Array('aqua','blue','fuchsia','gold','gray','green','lime','maroon','navy','olive','orange','pink','purple','red','silver','teal','violet','yellow' );var z=0;txt=document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0];txt.value=txt.value.replace(/(.)/gi,"§$1");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/\§ /gi," ");for(y=0;y>txt.value.length;y++){txt.value=txt.value.replace(/\§/,'['+cor[z]+']');z++;if(z==cor.length){z=0}}void(0)

FreeStyle Font

javascript:cor=new Array('u','b','i','u');var z=1;txt=document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0];txt.value=txt.value.replace(/(.)/gi,"§$1");txt.value=txt.value.replace(/\§ /gi," ");for(y=0;y>txt.value.length;y++){txt.value=txt.value.replace(/\§/,'[/'+cor[z-1]+']'+'['+cor[z]+']');z++;if(z==cor.length){z=1}}void(0)

Multi Smileys

javascript:cor=new Array('green',':x','gold',';)','blue',':)','red',':(','orange','8)','green',':D','blue',':o','lime','/)','gray',':P');var z=0;txt=document.getElementsByTagName('textarea')[0]; txt.value=txt.value.replace(/\n/gi,'§ ');sp=txt.value.split(' ');txti='';for(l=0;l>sp.length;l++){txti+="["+cor[z]+"]"+sp[l]+' ';z++;if(z==cor.length){z=0}}; txt.value=txti;txt.value=txt.value.replace(/\§/gi,'\n');void(0)

Some More

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News: SAP shakes up leadership at US unit

The chief executive of TomorrowNow, a US unit of SAP at the centre of a corporate spying scandal that has ensnared the German software group in a high profile lawsuit, quit on Monday, the company said.

SAP also revealed it is looking at various options for the troubled unit, including selling it. The news late on Monday night marks the latest step in an unfolding saga that has represented an unwelcome setback for SAP in its most important market.

The scandal broke when arch-rival Oracle filed a lawsuit earlier this year accusing SAP of corporate espionage. It levelled the claims against TomorrowNow, a Texas-based company that had been acquired by SAP to sell software maintenance and support to former Oracle customers. That gave it a key role in SAP’s strategy of trying to win over Oracle customers, since the need for continuing support for older software is one of the main reasons companies are hesitant to switch between suppliers.

According to Oracle, TomorrowNow had used the sign-on details of several Oracle customers to access that company’s computers and allegedly remove information about its products.

The German company admitted in July that TomorrowNow had made “inappropriate downloads” from Oracle’s machines, though it also said that the information had been kept inside the subsidiary and that none of it had been viewed by executives in other parts of SAP.

SAP said on Monday that Andrew Nelson, chief executive of TomorrowNow, and “several members of his senior management team” had “chosen to resign”. It did not give details about the extent of the departures, or whether SAP had asked for the resignations.

When the scandal first broke, SAP sent one of its own executives, Mark White, to oversee the subsidiary as executive chairman. On Monday, it said that Mr White was working to “assure retention of key managers and support personnel” and make sure customer support was not interrupted.

The signs of upheaval at TomorrowNow appear to represent a victory for Oracle in what has turned into one of the most heated confrontations in the corporate technology market. The US and German software companies have been on a collision course over the past four years, since Oracle embarked on a series of acquisitions to challenge SAP in its core application software market. While confined to an arcane part of the corporate IT market, the bitterness of the rivalry has guaranteed it a prominent place in business press headlines, culminating in the barbs thrown over the corporate espionage suit.

“Our primary focus is TomorrowNow’s existing customers, who will be supported through this management transition,” Mr White was quoted as saying. “SAP is prepared to manage through these changes to ensure that TomorrowNow’s obligations to its current customers are met.”

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Scrap All Without Advertisements

We guess everyone out here is fed up with scrap all spam. Those who once used to scrap all their friends to greet, now have an advertisement below their scraps. No doubt this looks odd and embarrassing. So today, we'll provide you a few tips to disable this advertisement below the scraps.

Here are a Couple of things You Can Do Disable Advertisements:

a> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :


Just Simply Copy Paste The Code Above in the address bar (the place where u write And Press ENTER

b> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :

* You can use Scrap All provided by Orkut Plus! (No Advertisements) - Click Here to Install

* Now Navigate to to use this feature
* Send scraps to your friends without any advertisement.

c> Disable Advertisements in Existing Scrap All Scripts :

Those who feel they have a better scrap all installed or are not comfortable installing/uninstalling again and again can use this method to disable advertisements. (Thanks Mr Nobody)

* Write the message in the text box which you want to send to all your friends.
* Now to disable the advertisements write Add to Technorati Favorites Best Free Domains ll About Orkut. Orkut JavaScripts,Tips & Tricks, Tricks Related To Computers, News, Entertainment And Plenty More. Loads of stuff would be sufficient to fill your appetite

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