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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Scrap All Without Advertisements

We guess everyone out here is fed up with scrap all spam. Those who once used to scrap all their friends to greet, now have an advertisement below their scraps. No doubt this looks odd and embarrassing. So today, we'll provide you a few tips to disable this advertisement below the scraps.

Here are a Couple of things You Can Do Disable Advertisements:

a> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :


Just Simply Copy Paste The Code Above in the address bar (the place where u write And Press ENTER

b> Use a scrap all script which is ad free :

* You can use Scrap All provided by Orkut Plus! (No Advertisements) - Click Here to Install

* Now Navigate to to use this feature
* Send scraps to your friends without any advertisement.

c> Disable Advertisements in Existing Scrap All Scripts :

Those who feel they have a better scrap all installed or are not comfortable installing/uninstalling again and again can use this method to disable advertisements. (Thanks Mr Nobody)

* Write the message in the text box which you want to send to all your friends.
* Now to disable the advertisements write Orkut, Scrapbook

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