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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Global Community

Orkut is all about community, and we sure do have lots of them: more than 45 million, covering all imaginable topic areas (and a few that defy the imagination). Owners can specify languages and countries for their communities, and I'm pleased to see that all of orkut's many languages and countries are represented.

The most common community language is Portuguese, with more than 10 times as many communities as the next most common language, English. Third most common is UK English, which was introduced in spring 2006 to distinguish between people who call the World Cup sport "football" and those who call it "soccer." Spanish and Hindi take fourth and fifth place, as shown in this table:

language communities largest community members

Portuguese 40,460,878 Eu amo a minha MÃE!
[I love my MOTHER!]
English 3,738,534 Nike 624,095
English (UK) 469,538 David Beckham 118,657
Spanish 186,323 Pra que serve o Orkut? [What's Orkut for?] 79,734
Hindi 43,837 Cafe Coffee Day 55,492
Estonian 37,199 Estonia 63,505
34,294 Caipirnhas [a cocktail] 311,487
French 25,118 Paris 21,772
23,925 అబ్బా!!! ఛా!!! [Yeah, right!] 15,665

(Fine print: Afrikaans would have come in sixth, but none of the top communities were actually in that language. Similarly, none of the top "Hindi" communities had names or most of their messages in Hindi, and the top two "French" communities aren't really in French.)

In response to a suggestion, I also looked at which of the 28 community categories are most popular. We were curious about which countries are most represented in each category relative to their size, some of which are shown below. For example, Indians have far more communities in the Alumni & Schools category than even their large numbers would predict.

% of communities
some top countries
Madagascar, Brazil
Alumni & Schools
Norway, Canada
Recreation & Sports
Romance & Relationships
French Polynesia, Monaco
Family & Home
Mexico, United States
Paraguay, Pakistan
Fashion & Beauty

All other categories are below 3% of the total. The least popular category is Science & History (.4%), to the dismay of this orkut historian.

Until next time, enjoy community wherever you find it!

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