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Sunday, April 13, 2008

WinXP Installation Made Very Simple

this helps to install XP wit all ur fav prgms in less than 10 mins...

Yeah if u r tired up installin win xp n enterin all those details lyk serial no, location timing etc etc,,,
n after that installation of diff applications,,,this topic z just for ya...

here i'm goin to giv u a idea of makin these things a lot more simple..

Acronis True image n Acronis Disk Director...
n ultra iso
n make it a full version i prefer buyin it coz it worth d cost..

then install it..n make a bk up of the system drive ie the drive on which the winxp is installd using acronis true image home

then mk a bootable cd/dvd image using acronis disk director.
PS:select all the sections when it z askd.
Acronis True image home
Disk director full n safe
Drive cleanser..

PS::create the image only do not write d DVD nw..

nw open the ultra iso
in it open the created boot image file v jst made usin disk director..
there ll b folder with some name. on the right hand side..

nw drag n drop the file v bkd up earlier using true image to this not put it in the folder of the compilation..

nw save the whole image..u should see the image file as bootable at the top left corner of ultra iso..

nw write the image usin any dvd burner not write the dvd as image.
if u r usin nero then th nero express..
n then select image,project,copy in it select the iso file v made usin ultra iso...
burn it..

nw the diff part is over,,,

nw if u need to restore the partition or mk a new installation..jst put this dvd in d drive n reboot the system..

then u'll see options for true image n disk director..
so first take the disk director.
in it format the partition u want to install the win xp..
then commit d changes n then exit
the system ll reboot n then select true image.
in it select restore..
then browse to the bk file which z in the DVD..
its ll tk atmost 9 mins n then it ll be ok..
restart the system..

here the main adv is that..u dont hv to install the applications drivers games etc etc all ll b done in jst abt 10 mins...

* mk sure that the s/m hs all the applications drivers games etc etc u need before bakin up...

*all d programs shld b instlld in the same drive in which d win xp z installd.

*the bk up procedure consists f d followin steps...

slect bk up in acronis true image
then nxt-->my computer-->disk n partitions-->drive c(win xp installd partition)-->nxt-->full bk u-->select d place 4 bk up..
*do not select d partition of which the nkin up z done..

*nw the restore procedure z follows..
select it frm dvd next-->restore disks or part..-->click the drive first-->select the target partions..-->nxt-->Active-->nxt-->nxt-->

yes i wnt to restor another part-->select MBR-->select the hd on which the os is to be installd.

n the restore ll begin..
after itz completed...the pc will reboot tk out the dvd frm the drive..thats it...


defragment the drive before bakin up..this increases pc performance..

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