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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Yahoo Booter


How To Boot

1.Need to Create at least 50 Bots and save it in a notepad
2.Open the program
3.Hit "Load Button" and look for your notepad
4.Hit Login
5.Select how many bots you wanted to Login
6.Type your victim's yahoo id
7. Start booting



1.For more effective booting always Log the Bots out and Back In everytime you boot..

2.Load atleast 50-100 bots and this should shit Y-tunnel,YahElite,YmLite and My Chat..

3.If possible your bots shouldnt have similar names like Bomber01, Bomber02,Bomber03
when entering Chatroom coz ytunnel and some other clients will juz auto ignore you.

4.You should Log ur Bots out and back in when reentering chatroom...

5.Do not flood the room too long coz yahoo will ban your ip....

6.Recommended boot option's are FastBoot, Hard Boot, YmLite,Ytunnel(Silent DC) & Yahelite..

7. Do not abuse this program! Use this wisely!


How to Use Yazak Freeze for Version 5.3?

1.Login Bots

2.Type Victim's Yahoo ID

3.Hit Random Rooms (Wait till roomlist stop Scrolling)

4. Click Yazak Freeze Start To Freeze Yazak User!
Room Option
You can Change your Font Color, Size, and Style In Font Setting

This is a multi BOT maker

Just enjoy and kick some assess out

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