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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Being Safe On Orkut

After The Latest Rodrigo's Worm , Its Obvious Any One will Be Worried About Their Safety On Orkut

Surprisingly True! A Virus, Keylogger,even Flash Files (Greetings,Music,Games,etc) the latest bad man tool on orkut. Most of the time, it is encoded with A HTML Or Java Code . If you click on the Links Given it redirects you to a site which tries to install something on your computer.

Here are some routine tips you must follow to ensure safe orkutting experience:
* Stay away from suspicious scraps.
* You must have a good anti virus installed
* Avoid clicking on links scrapped to you by unknown members.
* Avoid navigating to the links scrapped from your friends - There may be a great possiblity that your friend is actually not your friend and someone else.

Yes. This is true. You can get hacked even if you try to read your scraps. There is always a Genius Mind Working to Create a XSS in the scrapbook, which allows the execution of malicious script, which can preform following actions:
* Stealing your cookies
* Logging you out and redirecting you to a fake page (screenshot)
* Logging you out and redirecting you to a page which automatically installs keylogger, viruses in your computer system.

Is there a Remedy or a Precaution?

Ofcourse, precautions are always there. I am not too sure about the remedies though. Here are a few things you need if you want to stay safe on orkut

* Get Firefox - Latest Version (

Why->The latest series of firefox encrypts your cookies so that the information in the cookie cannot be read.

* FlashBlock Firefox Addon - THE BIG ONE (Must Have)!

Why->This add on will ensure that no flash file will execute without your prior consent. this is a must install in this case.This is the actual precaution in this issue. Link-[]

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