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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Espionage in Excel

You need: Excel 2000 and DirectX

Do the following :

1. Open a new worksheet in Excel 2000.

2. Select File, Save as Web Page.

3. Select Publish and check the box marked Add interactivity with.

4. Save the file as spy.html. Be sure to note the folder you saved the file in.

5. Load Internet Explorer, and choose File, Open and locate spy.html. The spreadsheet should appear in the middle of the page.

6. Scroll to row 2000, column WC. Select row 2000, and move the tab key until WC is the active column in that row.

7. Hold down Shift-Crtl-Alt and click the Office logo in the upper-left corner of the dialog box.

8. Get ready to play a spy hunter-type game. Use your keyboard to move around and make things happen: The arrow keys let you drive; the space bar will let you fire; "O" lets you drop oil slicks; and "H" will turn on your headlights when it gets dark.

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