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Monday, October 29, 2007

Make Your Own Virus

This can be used for scaring your friends or use it 4 your own purposes

When you use it your PC shutdowns automatically in d time u specify…

Now lets create this :P

1) Make a right click on ur desktop n go 2 new----- >create shortcut.

2) Then a [create shortcut] dialogue box opens…
then in d place of type d location of d item:
type as shutdown -s -t 900 –c "Warning: VIRUS found, Your PC has been hacked and every hardware are disabled."

-[#]-u can type anything over there within those " "
2 scare your friends

then click on next…& finish

now ur 'shutdown.exe' shortcut icon is created successfully…
u can rename it wit whatever u want…

in order 2 make it attractive u can change d icon by right clinking

properties---- > change icon …. N change it

now on double clinking tat 'shutdown.exe' icon II open d dialogue box wit d message you've entered….

u cant close tat dialogue box….
& u also cant End the program…

only way 2 close tat dialogue box is:

Start------- > Run

Then type as: shutdown –a
then click ok…now d dialogue box II close
else if u can’t get it… restart ur PC

even v can use it 4 ur purposes …
suppose ur downloading something n it takes more than 2hrs to download….u can create a new fake virus jus as specified above

all u have 2 edit is…;in d place of 900…shutdown -s -t 900 –c "Text tat u want.".. Replace it as 7200…. here those 900 n 7200 r d time in seconds in which your PC shutdowns.

Once your file gets downloaded in 2hrs your PC shutdowns automatically & there is no need of your presence.

Hope u like it

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