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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Crack Windows Password

If you have forgotten the password or someone has messed up with you then try this

1. Restart you computer

2. When booting, repeatedly press F8 and select "Safe Mode".

3. After getting to the user menu. Click on a user and this time it will not ask you for a password.

4. Go to Start>Run and type "CMD" (without the quotes).

5. At command prompt type in "cd C:WindowsSystem32" (without the quotes).

6. For safety purposes first make a backup of your Logon.Scr file. You can do this by typing in "Copy to Logon.scr to Logon.bak" (without the quotes).

7. Then type "copy CMD.EXE Logon.scr" (without the quotes).

8. Then type this command, I will assume that you want to set Administrator's password to "MYNEWPASSWORD" (whatever you want your new password to be - without the quotes).

9. Now, type this in, "net user administrator MYNEWPASSWORD" (without the quotes).

10. You will get a message saying that it was successful, this means Administrator's new password is "MYNEWPASSWORD" (whatever you made your new password to be - without the quotes).

11. Restart the PC and you will login as Administrator (or whatever you chose to reset) with your new chosen password.

12. You can do it for computer administrator, but it will not work for domain or workgroup administrator password.

13. Cheers!

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